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13 Year Old Girl Raped In Orissa, Accused Police Inspector Suspended


A tribal district of Odisha witnessed a distressing incident of the gang rape of a 13 year old tribal girl. This gory crime was worsened by the fact that it was committed by the supposed protectors of the civilians- the police. Anand Chandra Majhi, the inspector-in-charge of Biramitrapur Police Station in the district of Sundargarh perpetrated this heinous act of rape and subsequent abortion along with other police officials. He has now been suspended from duty after a case was lodged against him and five other people, that also includes a doctor after two long months of the girl suffering on the hands of such barbarians.

The episode took place on March 25 when the innocent teenager had come to Biramitrapur in order to enjoy a fair, which was later cancelled owing to the imposition of a nationwide lock down. The girl while roaming near the bus station was brought to the police station by a patrolling van. It has been reported that Inspector Majhi raped her within the premises of the police station and dropped her home the next day, without even flinching for a second. The barbaric acts of these officials did not stop here. She was summoned to the police station consistently and the officials repeatedly raped her. When it came to the knowledge of the perpetrators that the teenager had gotten pregnant, they tried to get rid of the fetus.

However, at this point, fortunately,  S Jena, the District Child Protection Officer of Sundargarh, intervened and filed a complaint with the Raiboga police against Majhi, one more police official, the doctor who had carried out the abortion at a community health center, the girl’s stepfather and two others.

This case is yet to be highlighted and covered properly by the mainstream media of the country.

Courtesy – DuExpress

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