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150 Taliban fighters live in this luxurious Afghanistan palace with pool, gym and sauna


A new documentary by a leading US daily that was released on September 9, 2021, features Taliban fighters showing around a massive palace in Afghanistan which now houses scores of the soldiers of the new regime.

Taliban men give a tour of the mansion, showing off its facilities which include an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, spa, sauna, steam room and gaming area.

As per the documentary, over 150 Taliban fighters are officially living in the palace which has envious luxuries.

One Taliban fighter called Jawad Abuzar showed around the abandoned luxury mansion in the video. She shows around the different rooms and facilities and admits that he has never seen such a house before. He stated, “Though I live in the city, I am seeing this kind of place for the first time. We have spent all our lives in the mountains and deserts.”

The fighter continued saying that Afghan politicians, rich and powerful people had built such luxury residences for themselves by “shedding people’s blood.”

In the video, Taliban fighters can also be seen near a pool table, armed with weapons while they eat and pray.

The property reportedly belongs to General Abdul Rashid Dostum, a former Afghanistan Vice President and one of the most powerful Afghan warlords backed by the US, who has been active since the Soviet days.

Dostum, one of the fiercest opponents of the Taliban rule, left the country in early August, fleeing to Uzbekistan. The warlord has reportedly signalled to the Taliban that he is interested in negotiating with them.

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