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Comedian Rohan Joshi upset with theatrical experience in Mumbai: ‘Paid almost 400 bucks for pepsi’

Rohan Joshi
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Rohan Joshi

Comedian Rohan Joshi, whose comedy collective AIB broke the Indian Internet with the roast special ‘AIB Knockout’, is massively upset with the theatrical experience that the financial capital of the country has to offer. The comedian took to his Instagram and shared how the movie-watching experience in Mumbai has completely gone to the dog as despite paying exorbitant amounts, the experience of watching the movie in Mumbai theatres continues to bring disappointments one after the other.

The comedian, whose Netflix comedy special ‘Wake N Bake by Rohan Joshi’ is loved by the audience, wrote a long note in his Instagram post, sharing his experience with movie theatres in Mumbai. He wrote, “Man. I love movie theatres. I love the theatrical cinematic experience. One of the great joys of life is sitting down to share a movie with a group of people. And yet, I’m sorry but the theatrical experience in Mumbai f****** sucks. On average going out to watch a movie is now easily close to or above INR 1000 a person. And yet I can think of at least four cinema experiences in Mumbai recently that have sucked. Big time.”

The comedian then loaded his guns as he went on firing multiple shots against big theatre chains for offering unprofessional and unethical movie experiences. 

He further mentioned in his note, “When ‘Shang-Chi’ first came out, I watched it at an Inox Insignia theatre, the experience they sell to you as ‘super luxe’. Thirty minutes into the movie I had to go remind the theatre staff that this was supposed to be a 3D movie and we’d just watched most of the first half in 2D while wearing sunglasses. Their response? We can’t restart but second half we’ll pakka play 3D.”

He spoke of another movie experience which was ruined by the staff of another big theatre chain. “PVR Jio World Drive, again, spent a ton of money with friends to watch ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. The sound card of the screen was busted so half the dialogue tracks and sound FX tracks were muted. They stopped the movie for 20 minutes after we told them. And then resumed it… with nothing resolved. INOX Atria Mall, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’. I came back from the interval to find out that they hadn’t actually stopped or paused the film during the interval. They just… put the screen on 15 minutes later.”

He shared how this led to a crucial part of the movie getting skipped, “The part that had conveniently been skipped? Literally the most important part of Rocket’s backstory. I only realised it because I was watching the movie again. The rest of the people in the theatre had no idea. Again, these are 1000 rupee tickets.”

It’s not just the movie watching experience, Rohan complained of the food services also, “Yesterday I paid almost 400 bucks for a Pepsi that had no carbonation and this weird sick sweet goo in it. The modern multiplex experience in Mumbai is really just the world’s most polite mugging. And these are the same people who were telling us to return to theatres after Covid so we could rescue their business. Their business of straight up robbing people for dogshit experiences (sic)”.

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