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How to embrace discomfort? What are the benefits? | Health

Often we struggle to come out of our comfort zones. Comfort zones and safe zones are different, and while we need to ensure that we feel safe mentally, emotionally and physically in the spaces that we occupy, we also need to make sure that we initiate more growth and development for ourselves by leaving spaces that have gotten too comfortable for us. Comfortable spaces make us happy, but not always they make us content with ourselves. To grow more and to be more successful, in whatever ways that we define it, we need to leave comfort and embrace discomfort to achieve what we want.

How to embrace discomfort? What are the benefits?(Unsplash)
How to embrace discomfort? What are the benefits?(Unsplash)

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Explaining this, Therapist Susanne Wolf wrote, “Opening spaces for embracing discomfort. Here are some thoughts and perspectives on embracing discomfort. By avoiding uncomfortable feelings, situations and parts of ourselves, we may gain short-term relief or superficial, short-term benefit.” Here are a few benefits of embracing discomfort, as noted down by the expert:

Personal growth: When we step out of our comfort zones, we take the flight of personal growth and achieve things that we need to for ourselves.

Healing: often healing involves us making big changes in our lives – no one heals by going back to the space that hurt us in the first place.

Authenticity: By leaving the comfort zone, we become more aware of ourselves, thereby attaining more authenticity.

Connections: In the journey of embracing discomfort, we often encounter people who are doing the same thing – this enables us to make true and honest connections with them that stay with us throughout.

Making peace: we learn to accept life how it unfolds and make peace with the journey we are on.

Tolerance: This helps us in becoming more grounded, patient and tolerant of reality. We no longer complain of life, instead we learn to embrace the truths of life and accept ourselves the way we are.

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