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Ways growth shows up that we fail to notice | Health

The way we see growth has a lot to do with the people around us. Often, we associate the idea of growth while being in comparison with others. However, each person has their own standards of growth, and own ways of aspiring to be what they want to be. Growth is extremely personal sometimes and we should be able to celebrate the small wins to understand the effort that we have put in to come this far. “People rarely give themselves credit for growth. And that’s because growth happens in tiny moments,” wrote Psychologist Nicole LePera as she explained the ways by which growth shows up that we often fail to notice.

Ways growth shows up that we fail to notice(Unsplash)
Ways growth shows up that we fail to notice(Unsplash)

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New emotional response: People with dysregulated nervous system often struggle with the responses and reactions that they show others, especially when they are overwhelmed. Sometimes growth can mean having a new emotional response without going back to the response that we are habituated with.

Trust: Sometimes believing in ourselves and keeping trust in our own abilities is a huge sign of growth. That means that we are ready to face everything while having our own back.

Speaking up: Standing up for ourselves and the wrongs that are happening against us is a high step to do. When we speak up for ourselves, we try to state our boundaries and show the courage that we have.

Trying something new: Going out of the comfort zone and trying something new to make ourselves happy is a new response that can show growth.

Permission to pause: Sometimes pausing and taking a break from the overwhelming emotions that we are facing is a healthy way of coming back and having a fresh perspective about things.

Difference: When these signs show up, people start to notice a difference in us. Often, they are not able to understand what the difference is – but it is a sign that we are growing.

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