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ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi

Health experts believe that by embracing exercise as our ally, we can protect our hearts from heat-related cardiovascular events through incorporation of three key mechanisms employed by the body to cope with heat: sweating, vasodilation and increased thirst. While exercise can enhance sweating and fluid loss, it is important to exercise caution during hot seasons and engage in mild physical activities.

Heat-proof your heart: Exercise tips to shield against heat-related cardiovascular events (Photo by Unsplash on Unsplash)
Heat-proof your heart: Exercise tips to shield against heat-related cardiovascular events (Photo by Unsplash on Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Sucharita, Medical Officer at CHC Healthwatch, shared, “Mild physical activities not only boost cardiac output, primarily through an increase in heart rate, but also trigger exercise-induced sympathetic stimulation, which leads to venoconstriction and raises mean systemic filling pressure (MSFP). This elevation in blood filling effectively counteracts the impact of heat, especially during exercise. Additionally, regular exercise serves as a powerful tool to manage conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol, alleviating the extra burden on the heart. Let exercise be your shield, safeguarding your heart’s health in the face of heat, while also helping you manage these conditions effectively.”

Bringing her expertise to the same, Dr Diti Makhija, Director at QMSMAS, revealed, “Regular exercise is an essential practice that brings forth a multitude of benefits for the health of your heart. Engaging in a consistent exercise routine assists in lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of diabetes, and maintaining a healthy body weight. Activities such as jogging, swimming, and moderate weightlifting play a pivotal role in improving circulation, thereby alleviating the burden on your heart. Exercise works its magic by diminishing inflammation and enhancing the efficient utilization of oxygen by your muscles. It’s akin to constructing a robust shield that safeguards your body against the adverse effects of heat. To ensure the overall well-being of your muscles and bones, it is important to incorporate stretching, flexibility, and balance exercises into your regimen. By embracing exercise as a trusted companion, you empower your heart to remain resolute and robust, even in the face of scorching temperatures.”

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