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Unexpected signs that you grew up early | Health

When we are brought up in dysfunctional homes, we learn to take care of ourselves and others from a very early age. This often makes us feel that we have grown up, without enjoying childhood. “When children are exposed to adult responsibilities and expectations at a young age, it can put a tremendous amount of pressure on them. They might feel overwhelmed by the need to perform or achieve more than their peers, which can lead to constant worry and anxiety,” wrote Therapist Taylor Barone as she explained how growing up too early can lead to anxiety.

Unexpected signs that you grew up early(Pexels)
Unexpected signs that you grew up early(Pexels)

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Referring to the absence of having a carefree childhood, Taylor further added, “One reason for this is that children who grow up too quickly often miss out on experiencing a carefree childhood. They might have to take on adult responsibilities, such as caring for siblings or dealing with family issues, which can rob them of their innocence and playfulness. This premature exposure to adult concerns can be emotionally taxing and create anxiety.” The Therapist further shared a few signs that show that we grew up early.

Having fun is a trigger: When we start to have a good time, we feel anxious that we are doing something wrong, so we start to search for serious work to do, to fill in the time.

Perfection: We are constantly criticising our own performances, thinking we could have done better. The tone at which we speak to ourselves is rude and that causes more anxiety and the feeling that we are not good enough.

Vulnerability: We are scared of being emotionally vulnerable to someone else. Hence, when we try to talk about our feelings, we quickly shut down and direct the conversation to something else.

Hobbies and recreation: We do not have hobbies or recreation – instead we always focus on working.

Lack of curiosity: We feel drained out of interest, curiosity or happiness.

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