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BTS’ V joins K-Pop girl group NewJeans for a dance challenge, video goes viral

BTS’ V with girl group NewJeans
Image Source : FILE IMAGE BTS’ V with girl group NewJeans

HYBE is known as a company with some of the best friendships and bonds between its artists. Recently, NewJeans sent the internet into meltdown by posting a TikTok with BTS’ V and adding hidden references to the idol throughout. Over the past year, it seems like netizens have been spoiled with different artists from the HYBE sub-labels coming together for dance challenges, whether it’s members of BTS, SEVENTEEN, TXT, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, and many more.

One of the biggest songs of 2022 came from NewJeans, and it was none other than “Hype Boy.” Netizens were in awe and surprise when they dropped a dance challenge video, and it was none other than V. 

He was the center parts of the song and truly captured the youthfulness of the song. Yet, while the video itself was ironic, netizens noticed that NewJeans had really V-ified the ironic song. The first thing fans noticed was the video’s caption, where the group had written Hype V’oy and changed the song’s name to fit V perfectly.

If that wasn’t enough, when the video ended, netizens noticed that the NewJeans members all came together to form a “V” pose. After the video was posted, netizens online even shared that they’d noticed the cute motions at the end of the song.

Recent videos show that HYBE is one big family, and the more interactions between the artists there are, the more netizens want more.

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