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‘Justice For Nijjar’ Posters Outside Indian Embassy in London; High Drama Days After Envoy Heckled

Published on Oct 02, 2023 08:45 PM IST Pro-Khalistan supporters have locked horns with India again in the United Kingdom. Days after high commissioner...
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JADE technique: Ways to deal with difficult people | Health

Some people can feel emotionally chaotic for us. It can be anyone – from someone in the family, to a friend to someone at the workplace. But when we constantly keep facing them and dealing with their behaviors, we can feel emotionally drained and frustrated. But how do we set healthy boundaries with such people? Explaining this, Therapist Israa Nasir wrote, “Sometimes, difficult people can be over-bearing extended family members, a horrible coworker, a parent or an in-law, or even a friend. If you have someone in your life who is emotionally manipulative, coercive, or is always trying to get into a power struggle with you – you must learn how to protect your emotional energy by practicing firm emotional boundaries. Firm boundaries allow you to conserve your emotional energy for activities and relationships that uplift and fulfill you.”

JADE technique: Ways to deal with difficult people(Freepik )
JADE technique: Ways to deal with difficult people(Freepik )

Further addressing the benefits of setting healthy boundaries with people who feel chaotic for us, Israa added, “When you’re constantly caught up in a difficult person’s emotional chaos, it’s challenging to focus on your own personal growth and development. Boundaries provide you with the space to regulate your emotions and respond in a more controlled and healthy manner. When you know you can protect yourself from hurtful comments or behavior, you can feel more secure and at peace.”

Don’t justify: Difficult people often make us feel that we owe them an explanation for the things we do. We need to remember that we do not need to justify them, especially when they are harmful to us.

Don’t argue: One of the classic moves of difficult people is to get into an argument with us to make us feel unstable, or to manipulate or provoke us. When we stay away from any kind of argument with them, it is healthier for us.

Don’t defend: Instead of getting trapped into a defense-offense position, we should relax ourselves and try to stay away from any kind of conversation with them.

Don’t explain: No matter how much right we are, difficult people always have the habit pof criticising us and our opinions. We should stay away from explaining to them why we are right.

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