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Things that impact the nervous system | Health

The nervous system determines the proper functioning of the entire body. It also determines the way we feel and the way we react and respond in situations. “Every function in your body is connected in some way to your nervous system.⁠ Your nervous system is what makes your heart beat, your lungs expand to take in oxygen, all the way through to the words you speak, your senses and memory,” wrote Therapist Anna Papaioannou. Further explaining the factors that can negatively impact the nervous system, Anna added, “There are certain factors that can impact your nervous system and its functioning that occur both internally and externally to your body.⁠ Factors such as stress, diet, inflammation and breathing patterns can disrupt the functioning of your nervous system. ⁠This affects the communication between your brain, spinal cord and your body.⁠ These often-subtle shifts in the functioning of our nervous system can result in experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.⁠”

Things that impact the nervous system(Unsplash)
Things that impact the nervous system(Unsplash)

Dysfunctional breathing patterns: The chronic unhealthy pattern of breathing has been active over the years where the diaphragm is not engaged. When the breathing pattern is too fast or too shallow, and the diaphragm is not engaged in the process, the lungs do not create the vacuum effect, further making vagus nerve signaling less efficient, and lowering vagal tone.

Bacterial overgrowth: When there is an overrun of bacteria in the small intestine that is found in the large intestine, it can cause oxidative stress, leading to neuronal loss.

Highly processed foods: Foods containing preservatives and emulsifiers can create a lack of nutrients in the body – this further leads to the failure of formation of balanced number of neurotransmitters.

“Your nervous system is flexible and adaptive. It wants to function at its optimal level, so when you begin to nourish and nurture your whole body, your whole body begins to respond in kind with more energy, focus, emotional regulation and positive mental health,” added Therapist Anna Papaioannou.

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