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Arijit Singh SLAMS fan who chased him for selfie on road, says ‘I won’t let you…’ | Viral Video

Arijit Singh
Image Source : REDDIT/BOLLYBLINDSNGOSSIP Arijit Singh’s video

Arijit Singh, who enjoys a massive fan following, was recently caught in a viral video where he expressed his displeasure towards an overzealous fan. This video shows Arijit becoming visibly upset as the fan chased his car and repeatedly honked to get his attention for a selfie. He lost his cool and decided to address the situation by stopping his vehicle and confronting the fan. It seems like the fan honked several times at his car, hoping that it would stop. 

In the video, a visibly irritated Arijit Singh, who appeared to be in his hometown, confronted the fan, questioning him about the excessive honking. “Do you know how many times you’ve blown the horn? How old are you?” Arijit asked.

He asked the fan about his age, to which the fan replied that he was 23 years old, to which Arijit said, “Which means, you are an adult, right? Do you know how many times you’ve blown it?” The fan admitted that he honked at him over 8 to 9 times. Arijit then decided to make a point and said he wouldn’t let the fan pass without taking a selfie, sarcastically suggesting they halt other people just for the photo opportunity. “Don’t you know things like these results in others suffering? You did it all just so you can click a picture with me, right? Okay let’s do it, let’s stop others here so you can click your selfie, I won’t let you pass without it now, let’s do it,” the singer added. 

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Arijit Singh’s work front

Arijit Singh’s much-anticipated song, ‘Leke Prabhu Ka Naam,’ from Salman Khan‘s upcoming film, ‘Tiger 3,’ is set to be officially unveiled today, on October 23. The song’s teaser was released by the film’s makers a couple of days ago, building excitement among fans. What makes this song particularly significant is that it signifies the end of a nine-year-long feud between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh.

The singer was one of the performers at the musical ceremony at the World Cup 2023 held at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad.

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