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54% Face Job Loss In Next 12 Months: WEF

It has been revealed in a survey that more than 54 percent people are struggling with the worry of ending their jobs in the next year.
In this era of Corona crisis, people around the world are worrying about jobs. A survey of the World Economic Forum has revealed that more than half of the people currently working are facing the threat of leaving their jobs in the next one year due to the crisis like Corona virus.

Russia has the highest number of people concerned in this survey of the World Economic Forum on people struggling with jobs. 75 percent of the people surveyed are worried about going to jobs. In this way, the number of people in the US who are struggling with jobs is only 36 percent, the same situation in Sweden and Netherlands.

67 percent of the people involved in this survey said that they are learning skills and focusing on learning new things to maintain their employability in future. If we talk about America only, then 75 percent of the working people there are focusing on learning new skills. The number of such people in Spain is 86 percent, who believe that they can maintain their jobs by learning new skills.

In Japan, the number of such people is 45 percent. Weddings Shaheedi, managing director of the World Economic Forum, said, “Corona’s current crisis has led to a significant decline in new job opportunities. This is much lower than it was 2 years ago, but if the number of jobs decreases Talking about the crisis, the outlook is still optimistic. “

In this survey of the World Economic Forum, it is said that internationally working people believe that if new things are learned and develop their skills, then only the existing employers can remain job opportunities for them.

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