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80 years of Alliance française in Bengal


Eminent guests of Alliance française du Bengale Prof. Chinmoy GUHA, Mme. Ruby PALCHAUDHURI and Dr. Samuel BERTHET joined the LIVE webinar of Kolkata Dialogue’s special edition based on the 1910-1950 Indo-French cultural relations.

The live session was held on 20th November, 2020 via zoom and was casted parallelly on Facebook at 6:30 pm IST.The director of Alliance française du Bengale M. Fabrice PLANÇON greeted the guests, he thanked them for being a part of the 80 years history of Alliance française in Bengal and shared with them about how the institute has been coping with the covid-19 crisis and has been successfully working out ways to inform and educate. He leads out with showing photographs of old events and important functions and travels in time to show the audience the way it has influenced it’s virtues all over India.The consulate general of France in Kolkata, Mme. Virgine CORTEVAL shared a few words where she highlighted the special connection of France with Calcutta through culture and literature. The President of Alliance française du Bengale, Mme.

Kanchana MUKHOPADHYAY spoke highly about each panelist and how their presence has marked changes in the revolution of French and Bengali culture and that they mark a feat in the connection of Indo-cultural relations.Dr. Samuel BERTHET shared a few insights of how AfdB has been so welcoming and educating along with also initiating the values of exchanges in French and Indian culture. Professor GUHA spoke about how AfdB shares a gloominous message in such painstaking conditions the world is suffering in the present day. He mentioned that Alliance is a blazing flame. He also adds about the long friendship that Alliance française and Kolkata has had over the years taking history in account in reference to Raja Ram Mohan Roy and some other well known people of world history and how their influence has built this friendship.

 The panelists shared some of their interest and communicated with each other with respect to the historical renaissance of the French and Indo connection. Dr. BERTHET presented some examples of different artists from cinematography to painting and filmmaking, on how they portrayed the connection of both the French and Indian culture.Mme. Ruby PALCHAUDHURI shared bits from some of the writings of Bengali writers through their letters and also spoke about the theatre writers.

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