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A Rare Surgery In Calcutta


New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The evolution of medical sciences has given hope to the world and life-saving knowledge to the doctors. In one such life-saving effort, medical experts in Kolkata performed extremely rare brain surgery on a 42-year-old Apala Mitra to save her life. As part of the operation, doctors removed a part of the woman’s skull and put it under the skin of her stomach for the next 90 days to ease the pressure from the brain.

According to reports, Mitra, a resident of the Bhawanipur area of South Kolkata had been suffering from headaches for a long time. She thought it to be a normal headache and took over the counter medicines. However, on May 15 she was taken to the Institute of Neurosciences at Park Circus, Kolkata after she fell unconscious.

Following tests, doctors found out that she suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage and intracerebral haemorrhage which caused bleeding into the space surrounding the brain and within the ventricles. Mitra slipped into a coma and doctors said that chances of her survival were just one per cent.

In order to save her life, they decided to perform extremely rare and risky brain surgery. The procedure is known as “decompressive craniectomy and evolution of hepatoma and clipping of aneurysm”. As part of the procedure, doctors cut 12 centimetres of her skull to ease the pressure on brain ventricles and put that under the abdominal skin.

After 90 days, the part of the skull will be removed from the abdominal skin and put in the skull again. The arteries inside her head also swelled, leading her to coma. This condition is called an aneurysm, the enlargement of arteries due to weakness in the arterial wall. The doctors have placed a clip on the opening of the aneurysm to obstruct the blood flow in the enlarged part.

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