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Afghanistan-Pakistan: New Axis of Terror


A new axis of terror is emerging in the Af-Pak theatre with the convergence of interests between Pakistan, China and Turkey. 
The Taliban is ready to play ball with the trio. There is no smoke screen any longer.
Pakistan has dropped all pretentions of being a good ally of the West despite the need for an American safety net on a host of issues that have a direct bearing on its fragile economy.
 This became clear towards the end of June when Prime Minister Imran Khan and his finance minister Shaukat Tarin rolled back their commitments for IMF bailout.
 And Imran Khan went to the town declaring that his centrist Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – government (PTI in Urdu stands for Pakistan Movement for Justice) would not give any base to the American forces. In the same breath he declared Osama bin Laden a martyr and ruled out any criticism of China’s treatment of its Uighur Muslims.
Erdogan of Turkey became a darling of Communist China by targeting the Uighurs who have taken shelter in his country. Erdogan hopes to take over the security of the Kabul airport so as to keep it safe from Taliban sway in the days ahead.
 It will be the first step to spread Turkish influence over more territories in Afghanistan where Turkey has had a presence as part of NATO forces. It is another matter whether it is realistic or imaginary.
From all accounts, it is China, the iron brother of Pakistan, not Turkey that seeks to fill the unfolding void in Afghanistan. 
It is ready with cash and weapons that the Taliban may need in case the nationalist forces try to checkmate its expansion within the country.
All the three – Turkey, China and Pakistan are eying Afghanistan primarily for its metals, minerals, and other natural wealth. Iran also may close ranks with them at some point to secure its diplomatic and economic turf.
It  is pertinent to recall that the Taliban had begun their trek into Afghanistan to set up the new Caliphate from the Madrasas of Pakistan with Saudi money and CIA weapons. 
And they had been running their Afghan affairs after 9/11 from a base near Quetta 🇵🇰 ; it is the Quetta Shura (Council).
Pakistani leadership – military and civilian – is barely hiding their glee at the turn of events and discomfort it has caused to their arch rival, India. 
The loquacious Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid has hailed the Afghan Taliban as the Good Taliban. He should know them since HE USED TO RUN terrorists’ camps in HIS FARMLAND outside Islamabad.

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