Connecting Regions of Asia.

Tracks To A New Wave Of Development

In a crucial moment of history, when the next US president, Joseph Biden, is about to assume office, and may spin US-EU relations in a different direction, French president Emmanuel Macron gave an important interview. His method: it

Dragonwatch : China’s Dangers Of Victory

China, which at the onset of the pandemic in February looked like it was on the verge of an abyss, bounced back. It seems to be faring quite well although it’s still too early to speak of a renaissance. The Chinese trade surplus, the

Dragon Watch : Planned Leadership

The written rule is that the US president rules America, yet de facto, the unwritten rule is that he rules the world. The world is made of written and unwritten rules, and the latter are more important than the former.To forget about the

Dragon Watch : Half Or Double Trump

Donald Trump’s election victory as US president four years ago seems to be due largely to two things that may be missing today. This therefore seems to change the alchemy of American power and puts US international policy in a delicate

DRAGON WATCH : The US-China Rashomon Moment

Exactly 31 years after June 4, 1989, for the first time all eyes were not be fixed just on the memory of that night in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, but followed events unfolding in the USA, during the largest, most sweeping protests in

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