Connecting Regions of Asia.

America’s Back !

Looking at the global situation from China, Beijing still has a strong hand, but things could turn around very swiftly. Timing is very important and present posturing could be misleading. US president Joe Biden went to the first COVID

DRAGONWATCH : A New Nuclear Race

There seems to be a growing feeling in certain circles in America that a next nuclear arms race at the gates. In recent days, two American journalistic heavyweights, David Ignatius and Fred Kaplan pointed to the ongoing nuclear

Dragonwatch : Superstitions of Speech

The issue of Xinjiang is a major controversy, pitting China against the Western media. Western media outlets claim that China is carrying out a genocide in Xinjiang, and China denies the allegations. Yet as time goes by, China’s

DRAGONWATCH : America’s Twists and China

America and China have perhaps just months to set the course of bilateral relations. After that World contours could be set for decades.Let’s look at this picture. This is China now: wishing to be in a futuristic imperial past, or just

Myanmar Coup, China And The World

Democracy in Myanmar grew uneasily over a couple of decades through a delicate balance of external and internal powers, the military, the tribal militias, the Thai influence groups, the United States and, of course, neighboring China. All

China At Asia’s Center

The following story was published almost 20 years ago, before the September 11 terrorist attack, and before the April 1st 2001 incident when a US surveillance airplane collided with a PLA fighter and crash-landed on China’s Hainan

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