Connecting Regions of Asia.

US Begins Armed Overwatch In Afghanistan

Responding to India's request not to abandon support for the beleagured Afghan government , strategic partner US has unleashed a wave of massive airstrikes on Taliban troops massing up for decisive offensives .The heaviest attacks have

Simon Dring No More

One of my role models in journalism and a great friend of Bangladesh Simon Dring ( the other is Sir Mark Tully, my first BBC boss) has just passed away. Simon died on Friday during routine surgery for a bowel

Ramifications of Mamata’s Landslide

The scale of the Mamata landslide must have offered to the BJP-RSS three crucial lessons.In the first place, the sweeping broad-brush Hindutva canvas they offer to the hugely diverse country will not work in provinces like West Bengal

A Tale of Two Turncoats

Mukul Roy and Himanta Biswa Sarma had so much in common.Both were widely perceived as the number 2 in their parties -- Roy in Trinamul, Sarma in Congress. Both were master strategists -- during elections or otherwise. There was just one

Bengali Pride Lives On

Bengal ceased to be an united political unit in 1947, divided on religious basis into East Pakistan and India's West Bengal state by departing British rulers, who had first tried dividing colonial India's biggest province first in 1905.A

Lessons For India In Myanmar

Myanmar’s pro-democracy agitators have started attacking Chinese businesses, to force Beijing to apply pressure on the junta to stop repression and allow ousted leader, Aung San Suu Kyi to form a government. Some Burmese hardliners

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