Connecting Regions of Asia.

Chinese PLA Ups Tibetan Recruitment

The Chinese PLA , involved in bloody border brawls with the Indian Army, has substantially increased of ethnic Tibetans in its force.A confidential report on such recruitments prepared by an Indian agency monitoring China and now available

The Supreme Hero Of Galwan

Only 23 years of age, playful, the usual fun-loving Sikh , his boyish looks concealing the steely soldier who will never shy away from an unequal fight. Meet Gurtej Singh of 3rd Punjab's 'Ghatak Platoon' who reinforced the

Home They Brought Their Warrior Dead

A good picture says a thousand pictures . The picture of the Syrian toddlerwashed ashore said more about the pain and tragedy of forced migration than several big thesis or magazine features on the issue. The big story of the week ending

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