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Backlash Abroad Over China’s Vaccines


China’s coronavirus vaccines were supposed to showcase the country’s scientific prowess and generosity. Instead, in some places, they have set off a backlash.
Delays, inconsistent data, spotty disclosures and the country’s attacks on Western rivals have marred an effort by Beijing to portray itself as a leader in global health. 
Recent studies showing that the one of the vaccines has an efficacy rate of just over 50 percent — much lower than earlier claimed — have caused some concern.
Governments in Malaysia and Singapore are now having to reassure their citizens the vaccines are safe.
 Philippine lawmakers are criticizing the government’s decision to purchase the vaccine made by Sinovac, a Chinese company. 
Sinopharm, a state-owned vaccine maker, and Sinovac have said they can produce up to two billion doses this year.
 Officials in Brazil and Turkey have complained that Chinese companies have been slow to ship the doses. Brazil has taken a big consignment of India-made vaccines.
At least 24 countries signed deals with Chinese vaccine companies after they were pushed out of the market for Moderna and Pfizer jabs by richer countries.
China’s response The state news media started a misinformation campaign against the American vaccines, questioning their safety. Their videos have been shared by the U.S. anti-vaccine movement.
They have also berated India-made vaccines , upset with 92 countries asking for them.

Courtesy – NYT

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