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Bangladesh Action Against Anti-Regime Social Media Figures


The Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) has started ‘intensive scrutiny’ of bank accounts of at least 35 people, including retired  Major Delwar Hussain, BNP -Jamat activist Kanak Sarwar, Jamat activist Ilias Hossain and several bloggers.
They have been involved in anti-government activities through social media, BFIU chief Abu Hena Mohammad Razi Hasan has said.
BFIU has asked for  disclosure of the bank account details of these social media activists . The list includes Major (rtd) Delwar, Sheikh Mohiuddin Ahmed, Pinaki Bhattacharya, Mahmudur Rahman, Shipon Kumar Bose, Tuhin Malik, Mir Jahan, Saniur Rahman, Rabindra Ghosh, Gabindra Chandra Pramanik, AKM Wahiduzzaman, Asaduzzaman Nur and Asif Mohiuddin and ‘Golden’ Manir within seven days.
“We call for the bank accounts of those who have been questioned, or who have been charged, or who have been investigated by law enforcement,” Abu Hena Mohammad Razi Hasan said on Friday.
He confirmed Major Delwar, Kanak Sarwar, Ilias Hossain and many others have been questioned.
” That’s why we are checking their bank accounts.”
Abu Hena Mohammad Razi Hasan said that the bank accounts of those pople and many others are being checked.” However, it is not yet time to say what kind of information has been obtained as their bank.”
The BFIU letter  said all kinds of accounts of these persons and institutions have been summoned. In this case, starting from account opening, the latest transaction, KYC Form and transaction profile have been sought.
Earlier, a statement of Inter Services Public Relations Directorate (ISPR) of Bangladesh on 4 November announced the stories recently circulated on social media by a few retired army personnel against honourable personalities and the Bangladesh Army are unrealistic and motivated,
They are trying to confuse the Army members and the people by collecting conversations of dignitaries from various sources and making up stories through cut and paste, constantly tarnishing the image of the country and the force, it said.
Their repeated unruly behaviours justify their status as persona non grata declared by the Army, added the release.
The members of the Bangladesh Army and the country’s people do not believe in these stories or statements as those are fictional and devoid of morality. They reject them with hatred, according to the release.
“Bangladesh Army is determined to uphold sovereignty and integrity of the country. Created through the great war of liberation on the hand of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, this 49-year-old force is now professionally efficient and mature.”
Every member of the Army is always ready to sacrifice their life with a smile to defend the constitution and sovereignty of the country. Inspired by the spirit of the liberation war, the army personnel are preparing themselves through advanced training and working with great success in the country and beyond borders.
When the prime minister declared coronavirus a war, the Army under her direction provided unprecedented services to the people, which brought wide public appreciation for her as well as the Army, the statement of ISPR added on 4 November.
BFIU sent several letters to the banks on 22 November.In addition, 4 more separate letters have asked for the accounts of 18 more individuals and one individual organization.
Of them, Selina Khatun, Sushmita Sahana Zaman, Jinnat Rahman, Nazia Rahman, Md. Saidur Rahman, Rabiul Islam, Md. Parvez Rana, Mir. Kaiser Hossain, Md. Abdul Barik Sarkar, Begum Anar Kali, Begum Samshunnahar, Md. Sohanur Rahman, Setara Parveen, Recto Limited, Ferdousi Begum, Md. Al Amin, Sharmin Akter, Suruj Mia and Md. Isaac.

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