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Bangladesh Foils Massive Militant Attack On Shrines


The banned mi Neo JMB led by Naimuzzaman, the head of Neo JMB’s Sylhet region had planned to attack at the shrine of  Shahjalal and the Temple of Naogaon and others, said Deputy Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CCTC)  of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)  Saiful Islam .
A team of DMP CTTC detained 5 members of banned outfit Neo-Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (Neo JMB) from Sylhet on Tuesday.
Due to the continuous successful operation of the police, the militants are not able to gather any large number of militants and massive attack plan, Saiful added.
5 arrested militants have been found involved in a bomb attack on a Naogaon temple before Eid day and planting a bomb on a police motorcycle in Dhaka’s Paltan.
In Sylhet, 5 militants of the banned militant group New JMB planned for an attack the shrine of Shahjalal in Sylhet. They had planned to bomb the Naogaon temple before the Eid day and assigned the locals for a blast , Saiful Islam said.

Whether they have more involvement in other militant activities is being checked through more focussed enquirirs , said Saiful Islam .
“They are being brought to Dhaka,” he added.
Police have arrested five members of the banned militant group New JMB from Sylhet for allegedly planting a bomb on a police motorcycle in Dhaka’s Paltan before Eid.
 With this, the CTTC team of the police broke the plan of the big attack, said Saiful Islam.
They are members of one of the neo-JMB’s masterminds, he added.
A Sylhet police official said the special team of police from Dhaka raided Mirabazar, Tukerbazar and South Surma in Sylhet from Sunday night to Tuesday morning and arrested the 5 militants.
On July 25, a bomb exploded at the Paltan intersection of the Capital. No one was injured in the incident.
CTTC DC Saiful said, “A case has been registered with the Paltan police station in that incident and we have arrested 5  members of the new JMB in Sylhet while investigating the case.”
 There are 2 students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Sylhet and one student of Madan Mohan College in Sylhet, Sylhet police officials said.
The police officials also said that the militants of the new JMB had planned large-scale attacks on various installations in the country including the shrine of Shahjalal in Sylhet  and a Temple of Naogaon.
An operation is underway in Sylhet to find out who else is involved in their group. They will be brought to Dhaka after completing the operation there. After interrogating them and knowing the details, the media will be informed tomorrow.
Saiful Islam, deputy commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC), said a team from the CTTC and the Law Full Interception Cell (LIC) at the police headquarters were conducting the operation in Sylhet.
They are connected to the ‘Chat group ‘- they communicate with their own communication app and plan for the massive bomb attack.
The Shah Jalal shrine is a 700-year-old Sufi site located in Sylhet of  B’desh. Earlier on January 2004 Shah Jalal shrine bombing was a terrorist grenade attack by Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami of B’desh (HUJI-B) on the then British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Anwar Choudhury. The components of the grenades were traced to Pakistan, the investigative officials informed before the court.
Anwar Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi born British Citizen.
The bomb attack resulted in the death of 5 people including a police personnel. Anwar Chowdhury was injured in the blast.
HUJI-B chief Top militant Mufti Abdul Hannan was hanged on 13 April 2017 for his role in the bombing along with two others, Sharif Shahedul Alam Bipul and Delwar Hossain alias Ripon, involved with the bomb attack.
The motive for the attack was “to avenge the deaths of Muslims in Iraq and across the world by America and Britain” according to the police.
Anwar Chowdhury  visited the shrine and offer prayers at the Shrine and was greeting the people who had come to see him.
Anwar Choudhury, the then British High Commissioner in B’desh went to visit Sylhet which was his ancestral home. The bomb was thrown at the envoy when he was talking with the people present. The bomb hit him on his stomach but did not explode on impact but bounced off and landed near the feet of the District commissioner where it exploded.
3 most wanted militant leaders  including Mufti Abdul Hannan the leader of Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami  (HUJI) Bangladesh were sentenced to death in the case in 2008. The British High Commission welcomed the completion of the trial but opposed the death penalty.

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