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Bangladesh MP Threatens To ‘Kill’ Macron

Jatiya Party MP Leakot Hossain Khoka has said he would ‘kill’ French President Emmanual Macron if he had the chance and willingly walk the gallows for allowing the insults against Islam and Prophet Muhammad to go on in his country without any consequences.

“All I want to say is that as a Muslim, I will not stand by anyone who demeans my prophet. I’m not speaking as an MP right now. I want to tell the French prime minister (president) that if you were in front of me, I would end your life and gleefully go to the gallows,” the Narayanganj-3 MP said during a programme commemorating the late Hifazat-e Islami amir Shah Ahmad Shafi on Monday.

A 12.53-minute video of Khoka’s remarks was later uploaded on his Facebook page. In a post accompanying the video, the Jatiya Party leader said he will also table a proposal to cut off bilateral relations with France in the upcoming session of parliament.

Protests have erupted in various Muslim-majority countries around the world over the publication of a caricature of Prophet Muhammad in a French magazine. Religious organisations have vehemently condemned the action and called for a boycott of all French products.

On Monday, different religious organisations, including the Hifazat-e Islam, marched towards the French Embassy in Gulshan in protest while demanding the government severe all diplomatic ties with France.

“There is nothing beyond our prophet. Why should we have a relationship with those who speak ill of our prophet? I will propose a bill to sever ties with France in parliament on Nov 8,” said Khoka, while calling for a new law to enact the capital punishment for those who insult the prophet.

Khoka also railed against the Ahmadia community and said, “I’m a Muslim and a follower of our holy prophet. I won’t hesitate to kill anyone who insults my prophet.”

“I stand by my statement and will do so until my death,” he told

Asked whether it is becoming of an MP to make such a statement against an international leader, Khoka said he made the remarks in his capacity as a Muslim, not a public representative.

Courtesy – BDNEWS24

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