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Another Mujib Killer Handed Over To BANGLADESH !


Indian agencies have handed over an octogenerian Muslim man nabbed from Thakurnagar near the border town of Bongaon in West Bengal, saying he has ‘striking resemblance’ to Risaldar Moslehuddin , who had personally shot Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 15th August 1975.

The handover took place at an undisclosed land border location with Indian agencies insisting that since Bangladesh had not been able to send officials to Calcutta to confirm his identity, it should hand back the man through the ‘same unofficial channels’.

“If Bangladesh agencies interrogate and conduct other examinations like a DNA test on this man and the sons of Mosleuddin and find out that he is not the one, we expect he will be returned to us through the same unofficial channels now used to send him to Dhaka. We will then drop him back in Thakurnagar with due compensation for all the ordeals. But if he is Mosleuddin, law in Bangladesh will take its due course, ” said a top Indian intelligence source, but clearly unwilling to identify himself of his agency because the whole handover process was “unofficial and in keeping with friendly relations between two nations.”

The handover process was first attempted on Monday evening but had to be delayed because of concerns raised by Bangladesh agencies over the identity of the detained man, as some Bangladesh agencies had received previous reports that Mosleuddin had died in Germany of old age complications. Mosleuddin is said to have fired and killed Mujibur Rahman , his wife and his son Jamal in a violent coup on August 15, 1975 ,that led to the massacre of almost the entire family of the founding father of Bangladesh.

The detained man was running a shop of traditional Unani and Ayurvedic medicines for a while with a Hindu doctor Dilip Dutta who died in January this year. 

” This guy looks every bit of what Mosleuddin was . We were waiting for identity confirmation from Bangladesh agencies before we send him back. The lockdown has also created some complications on sending him back, ” said a senior official of a counter-terrorism agency, but he was unwilling to be identified .

India had recently nabbed another Mujib killer ex-captain Majed and send him back to Bangladesh where he was hanged within two days of his formal arrest in Dhaka on April 12.

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