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Bangladesh Retired General Detained For Questioning


Chaudhury Hasan Sarwardy,  a former lieutenant-general of the Bangladesh Army who had commanded tth Infantry Division at Savar, has been detained just after midnight , 
Intelligence sources said that Sarwardy’s apartment in the Banani Defence Officers Housing  Society (DOHS) around 12.30am Bangladesh Time.
“But he has not been shown arrested, Rather he is detained for questioning,” an officer of the Military Intelligence said.
Sarwardy was in the custody of the DGFI which is responsible for both military and external intelligence.
The controversial officer has recently given a very hard-hitting interview to social media host Kanak Sarwar in which he pulled up the Awami League government for ‘failures on all fronts” and called on his countrymen to prepare for change.
That this interview went viral immediately after the Easternlink carried an exclusive report sourced to Bangladesh intelligence agencies suggesting the onset of a regime change plot to unseat the Sheikh Hasina government by a ‘Major Power’ .
The report said that a clutch of ambitious anti government figures from politics, industry and commerce , military and intelligence agencies had reportedly ganged up to hold a series of meetings to finalise a regime change plot through orchestrated unrest.
When the unrest and agitation would reach a crescendo, a case challenging the validity of the election would be filed and hopefully a verdict secured in favour with help of judges who would be part of the plot.
The army would step into that crisis and instal a ‘national governmnt’ after the Hasina had fallen due to the court verdict.

Bangladesh and Indian intelligence worked closely on foiling the plot which was said to have been spearheaded by an adviser of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who was due to be installed as the head of a ‘National government’ drawn from various political parties and business, media, and the army.
“Sarwardy has been detained for questioning after his interview with Kanak Sarwar went viral and that was seen as seditious activity,”  a DGFI officer said.
The documents related to the plot that they were referring to ‘our general’ who had not attended the meeting but who was seen controlling a clutch of mid-ranking officers  who were very friendly to his first wife Sutapa and could be roused to action switftly.
His second Farzana Brownia’s NGO was responsible for instigating students during the anti-road rage movement .

Sarwardy commanded an Infantry Battalion, a Rifle Battalion, a Rifle Sector and an Infantry Brigade

He held appointments at both Division and Army Headquarters.

 He served as Battalion Commander at Bangladesh Military Academy, Director of Operations in [former Bangladesh Rifles]] and Director Military Intelligence Directorate in the Bangladesh Army

He became a Major General in April 2010. After his tenure as DMI (Director Military Intelligence), Sarwardy was appointed as the new DG of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party Directorate on deputation from the army.

 Later he was appointed as Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh University of Professionals

He served as Area Commander for Logistic Area Dhaka and Director General of Special Security Force, Prime Minister’s Office. He served in the SSF from 27 November 2011 to 10 September 2012.

 He was commanding the 9th Infantry Division of Bangladesh Army. 

He was promoted to the rank of Lt. General and made the GOC of Army Training and Doctrine Command (ARTDOC) at the Mymensingh Cantonment.His last command was as a Commandant of National Defense College (NDC) which lead to his retirement.

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