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Bangladesh’s Health Scamster Nabbed While Fleeing Into India


Md Shahed,  accused of issuing fake  Covid reports, money laundering and cheating has been arrested  after 9 days of search.

He was caught hiding under a burqa  ,while trying to flee to India using a boat on river Ichamoti.

With this, eleven of the 18 accused in the Regent Hospital fraud have been arrested .

Shahed was arrested with a illegal local Pistol, ammunitions and magazine in a special drive from the bank of Labangaboti river in Komarpur village.

Shahed is accused for issuing fake Covid-19 certificates and taking huge amount of money illegally from coronavirus patients for tests and treatment, violating an agreement with the government.

 A mobile court of RAB on July 7 sealed off the head office of Regent Group, Uttara and Mirpur branch of Regent Hospital in the Capital.

Italy and Japan postponed Bangladesh flight due to fake Covid test report of Bangladesh migrants and tourists.

As of now, 59 cases filed in Dhaka, Chittagong , Barisal and Khulna of Bangladesh against Shahed by the victims of his crime, money grabbing and brutal torture and the police officials.

Most of the cases filed earlier, but he got bail from the court somehow.

Chairman of Regent Group Md Shahed was arrested from the India-Bangladesh border area of Debhata upazila in Satkhira district Wednesday early morning and flown to Dhaka by helicopter. He landed at Tajgaon old airport of the capital at 9am on Wednesday said Lt.Col. Lt Col Ashique Billah, director of Rab’s legal and media wing.

The illegal hospital Regent authority took Tk 3,500 for each test, meaning they embezzled more than Tk 3.5 crore, despite having an agreement with the government on conducting tests and providing free treatment, according to the law enforcers.

One crime after another has been committed at the tip of the administration’s nose, with the special favor of the influential people in the media, said the intelligence members.

On July 13, a Dhaka court issued arrest warrants against Shahed in connection with two cases filed over misappropriation of Tk 3.68 crore.

The director of the intelligence wing of RAB Lt.Col Sarwar Bin Quasem said , Shahed wanted to flee to India by the river Ichhamoti. Wearing Burqa like a woman he got on the boat. He wanted to cover himself, cutting his beard and hair, dyed his hair white. RAB saved him from mass beating. We are able to bring him to Dhaka.

Witnesses in Satkhira told INS that as they were leaving the mosque in the morning, they saw a convoy of RAB crossing the bridge over the Labangaboti river. After that, they saw a member of the RAB team jumping and shouting “Allahu Akbar” and arresting Shahed Karim, a fraudster wearing a burqa disguised as a woman hiding in the sand under the bridge. Angry locals started beating him. RAB rescued from mass beating.

The people of his native Satkhira were overjoyed at Shahid’s arrest.

After joining the ruling party Shahed took the opportunity to approach ministers and influential people.

And also he used police protocols and Flag in his car outside of the Capital.

Shahed posted his photoshoot in the socialsite with Bangladesh Pime Minister Sheikh Hasina, President Abdul Hamid and even with Former Indian President  Pranab Mukherjee and Lal Krishna Advani .

But still, no such committee has legitimacy claimed by Shahed a member of the subcommittee on international affairs of the ruling Party Awami League. Whereas the president of the party’s central committee Sheikh Hasina did not approve the sub-committee yet.

But still attending the Prime Minister’s and President’s special party on National Day, Shahed used to promote himself  as superpower.

Shahed started his cheating and grabbing money from people during 2016-2017, said the police officials.

After the arrest of Shahed, all the horrible information of his cheating , brutality and crime are coming out. RAB officials  went out in a special operation with Shahed on 11 am .

Shahed used to say the people, “I keep “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in my pocket, do you know?? “ -to those,who wants their money back, the money owed to him.

Blaming the ruling party for the incident, B’’desh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told in the parliament that , the cheat syndicate of Shahed had been investigated by the government intelligence agencies and that the government had taken steps to punish those fraud syndicates .

Other leaders of the ruling party said that the media which has always brought Shahid on television talk shows and made him a star with expert opinions, why did they not publish the news of Shahid’s deception, earlier?

The CID and the intelligence team of RAB investigating the cases of various crimes of Sahed.

A member of the intelligence agency, not to be named, said he was first brought to the public on Channel I’s Trityo Matra talk show. Appearing on television talk shows for huge sums of money, Shahid established himself as an expert and made a huge impact in the society.

For immoral business, he used a secret room to invite influencial persons, television anchors and media leaders with alcohol and women to take business through influential government officials and.

Extremely greedy, the swindler Shahed used to extort huge money from the patients. When he came to the hospital, he would take millions by forcing to stay in the dirty ICU, complained the patients to the intelligence officials.

 When someone died in the hospital ,Shahed forces to give huge money if they want to take back the deadbody of their family member.

Shahed wanted to be a member of parliament of Bangladesh. And collected the nomination paper of the Eleventh National Election of Bangladesh.

Detectives have found evidence of massive fraud in the river excavation contracting business and Saheed.

Shahed had a 10 member team of illegal gunmen and would extort money from the targeted people. The innocent people were tortured in the secret  cell run by  Shahed.

He used to pay drivers. Those were paid 8,000 BDT for injuring innocent pedestrians in an accident. They used to throw pedestrians under the car and bring them to the Regent Hospital in the same car.

In the name of treatment, he used to take the injured pedestrians hostage and collect 5 to 10 lakh BDT. If anyone denied to pay, he would torture those innocent people in his torture cell. He would never pay any doctor or employee. If they wanted a salary or quit their job, they would do the opposite.

Doctors from other hospitals in the Uttara area were held hostage in torture cell of Shahed, forcing patients from those hospitals to come to the Regent Hospital. 

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