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Bangladesh’s Janata Bank Chairman Foes On ‘Dorbesh Wrath’


Jamaluddin Ahmed , chairman of the Janata Bank, has been forced to step down .
Though he had completed only one year of his three-year stint , he was asked to leave when he started a fresh enquiry into the huge loans taken from the bank by Beximco Group, founded by highly controversial Salman F Rahman, the private investment advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
“This man is a scamster and a parasite . What investment has he got for Bangladesh so far, show one case ? He has only ruined the banking sector and laundered money out of the country ,” said a respected editor but he was unwilling to be named fearing physical harm.

The government has appointed SM Mahfuzur Rahman as the new chairman of the Janata Bank Limited for three years.

Salman F Rahman

He will replace Jamaluddin Ahmed, according to a directive of Financial Institutions Division.

Jamaluddin was appointed on a three-year contract in August 2019 but could serve only less than one year at the post of the state-owned bank.

No reason was given by the FID for the early termination of Jamaluddin, who was one of the board of directors of Bangladesh Bank until August 2019.

The new Janata Bank chairman is the vice-chancellor of the BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.

He served the Department of International Business, University of Dhaka as professor until June 2019. 

Rahman’s Beximco Group is the leading bank defautlter in the country with more than $800 million in bad loans and a Bangladesh Bank confidential report says this group has laundered more than at least 50000 crores Taka .

He is also involved in two huge stock market scams in 1996 and 2010 but he has managed to squash the judicial enquiries. 

Rahman is a Awami League lawmaker .

A leading Bangladesh intelligence agency report recently reported a plot for regime change by a ‘Major Power’ in which a powerful ‘pro-Pakistani adviser was named as the key mastermind.

Rahman is known for his close proximity towards Pakistan and has been a key factor in sudden swing of ties for the positive between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

“Our country could never get out of the Pakistani vice-grip,” said a former chief of a Bangladesh intelligence agency.

The pro-Pakistan lobby is also believed to be instrumental in moving Major General Shakeel , DG (passports) to the Armed Forces Division of the Prime Minister’s Office . This move is aimed at weakening the grip of Army chief General Aziz Ahmed as the order of transfer originated in PMO and not from the Army Hqs.

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