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Beijing’s Plan To Control The Hong Kong Elections


China is planning to impose restrictions on Hong Kong’s electoral system to root out candidates the Communist Party deems disloyal, a move that could block democracy advocates in the city from running for any elected office.
The plan reinforces the Communist Party’s resolve to quash the few remaining vestiges of political dissent. 
Along with other measures that have given it near total control of the political landscape there, the efforts are transforming Hong Kong’s partial democracy into a system more closely resembling mainland China.
The central government wants Hong Kong to be run by “patriots,” said Xia Baolong, China’s director of Hong Kong and Macau affairs. To Beijing, that term means supporting mainland China and the Chinese Communist Party.
Details: The plan would cover candidates for nearly 2,000 elected positions in Hong Kong, including the committee that chooses the chief executive, the legislature and the district councils. It would not be retroactive, and current councilors will keep their seats

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