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Bengal Fruit Traders Cheat Bangladeshis, Fund Terrorists


A bunch of fruit traders based in West Bengal are cheating large number of Bangladesh importers who pay cash for orders without receiving promised consignments.  
Now it has come to the attention of Indian intelligence agencies that these fruit traders are conduit for fund transfers to Islamist terror groups like Bangladesh’s JMB and India’s India Mujahideen .
They buy large consignments of fruits from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Maharastra and have now expanded their acquisition drive to Northeast India.
“That gives them a vantage point for extensive contacts and Pakistan’s ISI has picked on a few of them in West Bengal to fund both JMB and Indian Mujahideen who are allies.Some JMB terrorists recently arrested have revealed they received funds from Pakistan through these fruit traders based in Calcutta,” one top intelligence official said.
Some of these traders have also set up hotels in central Calcutta which are used by the terrorists and their handlers as safe rendevous points.
But a section of these traders are also known cheats who have taken cash from Bangladesh fruit importers and not send the consignments at all.
One Sujit Das is the worst offender with multiple Bangladesh importers complaining about his fleecing them for cash and then reneging on delivery.

“He took 30 lakhs rupees from me for supply of Indian fruits and never send a single consignment. He has cheated others similarly,” said a Bangladesh fruit importer Sajjad Islam. 
Islam said Indian tax authorities and revenue intelligence should scan the likes of Das , not the least to find out where have all their cash been used .
Intelligence officials say they are observing some of these traders with proven links to terror groups — and this could well include some of those cheating Bangladesh importers. 
For example, Sujit Das is under the scanner both for cheating Bangladesh importers and for possible links to terror principals who used such traders to move money for terrorists.

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