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Bibi Decides To Fight On


After his rivals reached an agreement on forming a new government in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled that he would not go down without a struggle. He called the proposed new diverse coalition that would oust him a “dangerous, left-wing government.”

Netanyahu began an all-out campaign against the coalition of opposition parties, listing concessions that he claimed Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett had made to secure an alliance with Raam, the Arab party, and other parties.

A bitter fight was expected in the coming days. Netanyahu’s party was aiming to pile pressure on members of the coalition to push them to abandon the new alliance.

The far right saw the coalition as a betrayal. Some centrists saw it as a relief. Israel’s Palestinian minority expressed a mix of indignation about Bennett’s opposition to a Palestinian state, and relief that Netanyahu was gone.

The fragile coalition of disparate political parties could unravel before Parliament meets to ratify the government. Netanyahu’s party can use parliamentary procedure to delay the confidence vote until June 14. The longer it takes, the greater the chance the coalition could fracture.

Courtesy – NYT

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