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Calcutta Hospital Fleeces Senior Citizens Mercilessly


Even as  COVID cases continue to rise in Kolkata, an upscale private hospital on the South Eastern fringes of the city has allegedly overcharged an elderly non-COVID patient in connivance with the Insurance Company and TPA and thereafter  held her hostage against payment of the  apparently inflated bill.
The daughter of the patient had to cough up the huge bill of Rs. 1.30 Lakhs after the elderly  Mrs Gita Chakraborty, 76,  admitted for a minor wrist fracture, was not allowed to go until late hours on June 19 until the payment was made.

Relatives of the patient are now contemplating filing of a police case and subsequently moving the appropriate court in Kolkata. This follows several similar cases  reported in THE LOCAL MEDIA  over the last three months.
Mrs. Chakraborty, a resident of Behala, had a domestic fall on June 9 and suffered a fracture in HER  right wrist. Dr. A Basu, an Ortho Specialist registered with Fortis Hospital  examined her on June 10 and prescribed pre-operative blood tests and RT-PCR test for COVID. Only after the negative result of COVID tests carried out by Dr. Lal’s Pathlab, the septuagenarian lady was admitted in FORTIS Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata on June 15. 
The mere two day normal treatment process for the wrist injury was  unnecessarily stretched to five days,  involving  avoidable medical procedures like psychiatrist consultation for wrist injury, CT Scan of lungs  although  no COVID -like or flu- like symptoms were  there, were carried out and were duly included in  ‘package’ charges.  
“At the onset I was told by the Doctor that it will take 1-2 days and would cost not more than Rs. 30-35 thousand. But I was deeply shocked when a bill of a whopping figure of Rs. 1.30 lakh was presented, which is more than 100% of the logically estimated amount. 
” I feel utterly cheated. I had emailed my grievances to FORTIS hospital but they could not give any satisfactory explanation. I had emailed to the TPA and Insurance company as well who denied to give any description of the so-called Package, ” said Ms. Moushumi, daughter of the patient.
It seems like a subtle arrangement between selected Hospitals, the Insurance Companies and TPAs to formulate some ambiguous undescribed packages for certain medical procedures .
They also levy additional hidden charges from unsuspecting customers that the Government and regulatory bodies should take note of and take immediate corrective actions for the larger interest of public.







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