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Call on COVID vaccine booster doses to be taken next year: AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria



COVID-19 vaccine booster doses can be given to vaccinated people after one year depending on how the other two doses protect against coronavirus in terms of hospitalisation and death, said AIIMS chief Dr Randeep Guleria on Saturday while talking to a news channel. 

COVID booster doses of coronavirus vaccine might become necessary sometime next year, said the AIIMS chief. 

Speaking on the timeline of booster COVID doses, he told NDTV, “We can’t decide to give booster shots based on antibodies. It has to be based on time – i.e., how long has it been since you got the second dose. Normally after a year we can start looking at booster shots.”

Dr Guleria said he needs more data on booster doses, adding that in the UK, the cases are increasing but the rate of hospitalisation and deaths are less. 

“The UK started vaccination in December (a month before India) and if we’re not seeing greater hospitalisation then that means doses given in December seem to be holding out… if we keep that in mind we are still in a safe zone. But if the virus mutates (this decreases immunity) then sooner or later boosters must happen,” the AIIMS chief said. 

He said that while there are talks going on booster doses, experts will look at this sometime next year. 

“We will first focus on more vulnerable sections – those with comorbidities and the elderly because they are at greater risk of severe Covid,” Dr Guleria said.

Talking about the COVID-19 vaccine for kids, the AIIMS chief said it would be rolled out soon.

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