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Bengal Migrants Keen To Return To Other States

For the ruling Trinamool Congress(TMC) in Bengal,  its proverbial share of good luck seems to have run out in the tenth year of its tenure. The state administration, as even neutral observers agree,   cannot cope with the challenge of

‘Grey Attacks’ In Afghanistan Mounts

Despite the Afghan government’s attribution, the Taliban’s denial of the Kabul maternity hospital attack indicates the group’s efforts to distance itself from indiscriminate violence against civilians fearing negative political outcomes

The Chinese Dilemma

The announcement by the National People’s Congress in regard to tightening of the national security law in Hong Kong at the annual NPC meeting reeks of a sense of frustration within the ranks of the ruling Communist party at managing the

Behind The Chinese Push In Sikkim

One look at India's map of East and North East, stresses one of the most vulnerable points for the Republic -- the narrow Siliguri Corridor or the Eastern Chicken Neck, that connects seven Northeastern states to the rest of India. If

Wet Markets Key To Asian Economies

In recent weeks, there have been widespread calls in the West for a ban on "wet markets" in China. Similar sentiments have also been expressed in Australia. They are oblivious of the fact that these are people's markets, where fresh

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