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India’s Possible Gains from Taliban Outreach

Reports published in Indian media last week suggest that New Delhi is willing to start a dialogue with factions of the Afghan Taliban. The outreach is reported to be led by security officials and is limited to the Taliban factions that are

Whither Naga Peace Process !

India's northern Naga tribes have been in a 50-year dispute with authorities over how they are recognized by New Delhi. Despite promises of rapprochement, armed tension continues. Ankita Mukhopadhyay reports from Kohima. India's

Missing Migrants Found Alive In Malaysia

Twenty-six Rohingya migrants feared to have drowned off Malaysia after a treacherous boat crossing have been found alive, hiding in bushes on an island, an official said Monday. A search was launched at the weekend for the Muslim

Japan Helps 87 Companies Exit China

TOKYO — Japan is paying 87 companies to shift production back home or into Southeast Asia after the novel coronavirus pandemic disrupted supply chains and exposed an overreliance on Chinese manufacturing. While China’s economy is

Chinese Strategy Not Working !

Beijing is seeking to pull US-China relations out of their current downturn, perhaps the most serious since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1979. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke about this subject on July 9 to

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