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Making India Great

THE PROMISE OF A RELUCTANT GLOBAL POWER ‘As an Indian, like millions of others, I too grew up believing in the inevitability of India achieving great power status. But countries become great powers, not by wishing alone. My book

Jaishankar’S Book Will Create Ripples

THE INDIA WAY STRATEGIES FOR AN UNCERTAIN WORLDReleasing on 7 September 2020 ‘As India rises in the world order, it should not only visualize its interests with great clarity but also communicate them effectively. This book is an effort

Great Powers, Grand Strategies

Great Powers, Grand Strategies: The New Game in the South China Sea. Edited by Anders Corr (Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland). 2018 Pages 327. Authors on the South and East China Sea, a subject which has drawn attention of the

Why Men Rape

Review : An Indian Undercover Investigation,  Tara Kaushal, Rs 399, Harper Collins In a nation plagued by the memory of Nirbhaya and the misogyny of the Bois Locker Room, this is a bold step towards revolutionizing our discourse around

Covid-19 and Migrant Workers

BORDERS OF AN EPIDEMIC: COVID 19 AND MIGRANT WORKER Migrant workers from different parts of India trekked back hundreds of kilometres carrying their scanty belongings and dragging their hungry and thirsty children in the scorching heat

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