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DRAGON WATCH : US-China Parallel Politics

Parallel yet different challenges await President Xi Jinping and President Joseph Biden in their respective countries, China and the United States, next year. At first glance, the two leaders are guiding the two countries in very

Taiwan Screws China’s Trade

Pro-democracy businesses of Taiwan operating in mainland China are now finding it perilous to carry out business activities without inviting the wrath of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These companies will have to wind up their

Cyclone “Jawad ” alert

Indian Coast Guard in its efforts to ensure nil loss of life and property at sea due cyclone jawad has been engaged in shepherding fishing boats from Odisha and West Bengal towards harbour…. A total of 05 units including aircraft have been

China’s Debt, World’s Threat

China might be the creditor to the world, but it is also riddled with debt. Between public and corporate debt, China is one of the most indebted large economies in the world. Even worse, its state-owned banks are sitting on

Depression In Bay of Bengal May Turn Cyclonic

Bhubaneswar: The Meteorological Centre here on Thursday informed that a depression has formed over south-east Bay of Bengal this evening. The weather department in its Twitter handle said, “A depression has formed over the

China Pulls Japan On Abe’s Taiwan Comment

SHANGHAI, Dec 2 (Reuters) - China's foreign ministry summoned Japan's ambassador in Beijing for an "emergency meeting" on Wednesday, after former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said neither his country nor the United States could stand

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