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Possible to Defeat BJP: PK

New Delhi: Election strategist Prashant Kishor on Monday said he wanted to help form an opposition bloc that could defeat the BJP in 2024 and that it was "entirely possible" even if results of next month's state polls - seen as a

Chinese Intel Plans For Winter Olympics

As the world prepares for the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the athletes will have to contend with more than just competing in their chosen sport. The Chinese government will implement extensive surveillance efforts to ensure the safety of

How Effective Is Your Covid Vaccine

Booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have proven highly effective at preventing Omicron-related hospitalisations, according to three new studies by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The

India Planning For Export Boom In Electronics

India can reach $300 billion worth of electronics manufacturing and exports by 2025-26 -- nearly four times from the current $67 billion -- if specific product segments with high potential for scale are shortlisted and catered to by way of

Gold Prices Will Surge

Gold prices are expected to go up in the near future as it could benefit from the elevated risk environment, rising inflation, slower growth and low interest rates. “Correction from short term hurdles could be used as a buying opportunity

China Dumps GPS Beidou

China is a nation which is inflicted with a perpetual sense of inferiority complex. However, to shroud its inferiority, China resorts to supremacist jingoism. It’s really a daily dichotomy in China. For instance, the communist nation has

India’s Agro Export Boom

Agriculture export would be around 12.5% of India’s total commodities export (400 billion dollars) and 7.5% of the country’s total exportIn FY 18 and FY 19, agricultural export was stagnant around 38 billion dollars while in FY 20 it

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