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Afghan Women Demand Rights

Several Afghan women gathered in Kabul on Sunday to demand the right to work and study under the new Taliban-run government. Since the Taliban’s return to power after a two-decade war, the fundamentalist militants have issued

Celebrate, Not Denigrate Kamasutra

On Saturday night, August 29, a dozen members of the Bajrang Dal entered a bookstore near Rajpath Club in Ahmedabad, picked up a copy of the ancient Sanskrit text, Kama Sutra, took it outside and set it on fire. Videos of the incident were

Myanmar Crisis on UN Agenda

The worsening crisis in Myanmar is just one of a number of crucial issues on the agenda as about 100 world leaders descend on New York next week in a partial return of the annual UN extravaganza despite Covid concerns. The UN General

Assam’s Storm Over Shorts

GUWAHATI: A 19-year-old girl appearing for an examination in Assam was made to wrap a curtain around her legs by an invigilator who chafed at her wearing shorts, provoking outrage and allegations of gender bias, and prompting university

Pakistan’s Destabilization Playbook

Hudson Institute’s South and Central Asia Program assembled a group of South Asia experts to evaluate the fifty-five interlinked Kashmiri and Khalistani groups currently operating within the United States and the possibility that these

China Cautious on Myanmar Envoy Issue

The decision to defer the decision on who should be Myanmar’s representative to the United Nations until November may seem like a partial victory for the country’s pro-democracy movement. But while it will prevent a delegate appointed by

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