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Strange Afghan Ways

In a Kabul neighbourhood, a gaggle of boys kick a yellow ball around a dusty playground, their boisterous cries echoing off the surrounding apartment buildings. Dressed in sweaters and jeans or the traditional Afghan male

India’s Welcome Forex Gesture to Sri Lanka

Colombo, January 13 ( In response to Sri Lanka’s immediate requirement of foreign exchange, India on Thursday allowed the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) to defer the payment of about US$ 500 million given under the Asian

Israel Cracks Iranian Spy Ring

Israel's internal security agency has arrested five Israelis accused of spying for its arch-enemy Iran. The case involves four Jewish women of Iranian descent, who the Shin Bet said were recruited by a handler claiming to be a Jewish

India Allows Import of US Pork

WASHINGTON: The United States announced Monday that India would allow imports of US pork and pork products for the first time, welcoming the removal of an old block on US farm trade. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and US Trade

Dhaniram Should Not Die Unsung

I have known Dhaniram Baruah before he transplanted a pig heart in a human body on January 1, 1997. He was maverick, temperamental, and flew into a rage at the drop of a hat, but something suggested the man was into pioneering research

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