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India’s Bangladesh Compulsion

The violent protests orchestrated by Hifazat-e-Islam against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh visit that led to a dozen deaths in police firings, have driven home the rising surge of radical Islamist challenge faced by the Sheikh

Bangladesh Will Stay Secular

With a spiritual commitment to Islam and a cultural affiliation to being Bangalee, Bangladesh is a nation where the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Founded on secular principles, Bangladesh has been heralded by the western world

Covid Vaccine: Advantage, New Delhi

When Cambodia, China’s closest ally in Southeast Asia, asked for Indian anti-Covid vaccines having received a free starter supply of one million Sinopharm doses, alarm bells rang in Beijing. In what has been seen as a battle for goodwill

How China Views India’s Strategic Ambitions?

New Delhi: India has always seen itself as a regional power and has wanted to dominate the Indian Ocean Region — this is how Beijing perceives New Delhi’s strategic ambitions, according to a recently translated document on China’s


Since the 2019 Lok Sabha election in Bengal when BJP won 18 seats and got over 40 per cent of the vote share, a whopping gain of 30 per cent from the 2016 assembly election, the shift of the Left support base, from 26.6 per cent to 7.5 per

Importance Of Shubman Gill

Is Shubman Gill for real? After his cameos in the Melbourne Test, I called clued-up cricketing friends for a reality check. Was he, in fact, the best desi prospect since Tendulkar? Or even, touch wood, the most highly finished

Should Pawar Replace Sonia As UPA Boss?

An interesting debate has raised its head this week. According to media reports, the anti-BJP camp is debating whether Sonia Gandhi can be replaced by Sharad Pawar as the chairperson of the UPA. With equally interesting ease, the Shiv

Loosing Hope On India !

My generation of Indians has often been disappointed in our country, and we have sometimes despaired about the direction it was taking, but it's been impossible for us to stop hoping. Our own past has trained us to see the silver

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