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Wa Rebels Silent On Myanmar Coup

While the whole country has risen in revolt against the Feb. 1 coup—at first peacefully and then more violently when the military began to open fire on the protesters—there is one part of Myanmar that appears to be unaffected by the

Autonomy, Not Privatisation For ONGC

The recent tragedy in Mumbai Offshore was the worst in the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)’s recent history. It does not matter whether the dead were formally on the upstream giant’s employee rolls or not. There is clear damage in

Battle Over, War On

The sordid episode concerning the chief secretary of West Bengal proves that while the battle for Bengal is over with the result of the assembly elections, the war continues. The BJP fought the assembly elections in West Bengal

India’s Bangladesh Compulsion

The violent protests orchestrated by Hifazat-e-Islam against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh visit that led to a dozen deaths in police firings, have driven home the rising surge of radical Islamist challenge faced by the Sheikh

Bangladesh Will Stay Secular

With a spiritual commitment to Islam and a cultural affiliation to being Bangalee, Bangladesh is a nation where the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Founded on secular principles, Bangladesh has been heralded by the western world

Covid Vaccine: Advantage, New Delhi

When Cambodia, China’s closest ally in Southeast Asia, asked for Indian anti-Covid vaccines having received a free starter supply of one million Sinopharm doses, alarm bells rang in Beijing. In what has been seen as a battle for goodwill

How China Views India’s Strategic Ambitions?

New Delhi: India has always seen itself as a regional power and has wanted to dominate the Indian Ocean Region — this is how Beijing perceives New Delhi’s strategic ambitions, according to a recently translated document on China’s

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