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China Makes A New Promise To Tackle Global Warming


Speaking at an online summit on the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement, Xi Jinping, China’s leader, said on Saturday that by 2030, China would reduce its carbon intensity by over 65 percent.
Carbon intensity is a measure of greenhouse gas emissions relative to economic activity. 
Meeting the goal would mean that as China’s economy grows, so would its emissions, but at a slower rate than before. Mr. Xi also said China would triple wind and solar power capacity to over one billion kilowatts and expand its forests.
China is the biggest producer of planet-warming gases, and whatever it does to tamp down its emissions is a key to addressing climate change. 
Environmental advocates had hoped Mr. Xi would pledge to reduce carbon intensity more sharply, but the economic downturn spurred by the coronavirus pandemic may have tempered Beijing’s plans.
European Union leaders have agreed to cut net carbon emissions by 55 percent in the next decade, overcoming the concerns of nations heavily dependent on coal and taking a critical step to become climate-neutral by 2050. 
Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain promised to end direct taxpayer support for overseas fossil fuel projects as soon as possible.

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