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China Using Border Tensions To Divert Attention From Agrarian Crises


New Delhi: Economists noticed an interesting trend of China inking back-to-back deals on food grains and food products with multiple nations across the world. Most of the deals involve a massive transaction of food items. It has also signed deals with its adversaries, reflecting that the country is going probably going through a major food crisis.

China’s food inflation rose by 13.2% in July 2020. Prices of most of the food products consumed by a common Chinese on a day-to-day basis have shot up, from cereals to meat products. The National Bureau of Statistics has revealed that the prices of most commonly consumed meat, pork has increased by 86%.

China is resorting to aggressive import of food products from all over the world. The critical condition can be understood from the fact that the country is procuring almost all the major food items.

According to China General Administration Customs, the country has also increased its grain imports during the first half of this year by 22.7%, leading to a food grain import measuring 74.51 million tons. Though China has been the largest producer of soybean for the past few years, yet it plans to import 40 million tons this year from its arch rival USA.

Courtesy – ZeeNews.India.Com

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1 Comment
  1. gui says

    Unfortunately, I would like to point out the absurdity of this article.
    1. Our pork did rise a lot before, but now it has dropped slightly. Take the price in western China and Chongqing as an example. The current average pork price is 500g and 350 rupees, compared with the lowest 180 rupees last year, which is much higher. This is due to the outbreak of African swine fever last year. A large number of live pigs have been disposed of and healthy pigs have not yet been put on the market. According to the law of pig breeding, it will take six months at the earliest before the piglets can grow up. It is estimated that by February 2021, the price of pork will drop during the Chinese Spring Festival.
    2. China imports grain, mainly corn and soybean, of which corn is mainly used as feed. Yes, it is used to breed all kinds of meat we consume. A small part of soybean is used to extract oil. In northern China, soybean oil is used to cook dishes, while rapeseed oil is mainly used in southern China. The rest is used to make bean products and the rest is used as feed.
    China imports grain to ensure that its people eat better, not because of the food crisis.
    In India, on the other hand, the poor cannot get three meals a day, but the country exports a large amount of grain in exchange for foreign exchange in the region, which is then used to buy fighter planes, special planes and arms. These purchases are obviously higher than the market price, and it is conceivable who will profit from them in the end.

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