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China’s Bangladesh Vaccine Trial


New Delhi: In an extraordinary move, China has finally convinced Bangladesh to allow their population for human trial of a prospective Corona vaccine. Bangladesh regulatory Medical Research Council (BMRC) on Sunday gave “ethical approval” for phase-3 human trial by China’s private Sinovac Biotech Ltd for the final test.

Sources here said that it was never expected that Dhaka would allow Bejing to conduct human trial of vaccine on their population whose habitation is geographically very close to neighbour India. New Delhi is not suppressing their dismay at the trusted neighbour not consulting them, though Dhaka has every sovereign right to take decesion in their internal matter. India is more worried that a porus border could infect people across the border once the human trial begins.

India has repeatedly requested Dhaka for allowing its medical team for joint study of the disease and assured all kinds of help for the Bangladeshi people. On the contrary, Bangladesh government welcomed ten member of Chinese medical team and accorded a red carpet welcome to it at the Dhaka’s International airport.

In a clear departure of protocol, Bangladesh Foreign Minjster Dr A K Abdul Momen personally went to the Airport to receive the Chinese medical team which was reported earlier in this portal.

The Chinese company Sinovac has completed their proposed plant for large scale production of the vaccine once it gets approval in the city of Wuhan which is known to be epicenter of the pandemic Corona. It is known that China had proposed a huge some of money for the necessary expenses for the vaccine trial. Recently Indian Highcommissioner of Bangladesh Riva Das Gangult met Foreign Minister and discussed about the possoble coopeartion on combating pandemic between Delhi and Dhaka.

As Bangladesh is still lacking basic infrastructural health facility, India was keen to have joint health related programme including capacity building which in turn will help Bangladesh population for basic treatment in future. India has a plan to set up modern hospitals like in Kolkata and Delhi where Bangladeshi people visit regularly for treatment.

Earlier, Chinese state run media Global times reported that China was looking for some countries for human trial of their vaccine and in fact they got similiar approval from Brazil and UAE for that purpose. Media reports also indicated that China is looking for Bangladesh for crucial human trial as the country is presently simply panicked by the pandemic.

BMRC Director Dr. Mahmood –Uz-Jahan told media that National ethics Committee of BMRC has approved phase-3 clinical trial of Chinese company’s prospective vaccine. Dhaka based International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research submitted a research protocol seeking to carry out the study on human beings.
Dr Jahan claimed that they reviewed the headway of Sinovac’s Covid vaccine development process and they are “convinced that china made potential advancements through earlier two stage trial which is underway in China”. But he did not elaborate why China needs human trial in Bangladesh and not within their own country.

However, BMRC approval would require endorsement from the Director General of Health Services (DGHS).They are still awaiting for approval as the text of agreement is already final. Only a formal signature ceremony is required. Once the proposal gets approval more than 5 thousands people would be required for trial for the initial stage. Depending on the test, the number of people for trial will increase. The text of the agreement is important because a faliure in test may create lot of resentment in the society at large.

—India News Stream

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