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Chinese Backs Easternlink’s PLA Casualty Figure


Subir Bhaumik / James Alavi , Washington 

Easternlink is the only media outlet that has consistently claimed between 80 to 100 Chinese casualties in the June 15 Ladakh clashes .
The Indian government and the military topbrass , in pursuit of a highly defensive 3D strategy – defuse, de-escalate, disengage- to scale down tensions, has not come clean on the issue, only admitting Indian losses.
Easternlink had put Indian losses at 23 killed and 11 missing , 110 injured of whom 24 were serious.
The absurd extent to which the Army has gone to ‘sanitize’ reporting, obviously on instructions from political masters communicated  through the one-point system, about the valor of its own soldiers , when some officers served a legal notice on The Quint for running a story on tge May5 clash , in which young Indian lieutenant is puported to have punched a Chinese Major. 

Now Easternlink’s casualty figures, secured from field formation sources , has berm vindicated by a top Chinese source.
Jianli Yang, a former Chinese military official and son of a leader in the Chinese communist party, has claimed in Washington that ‘more than 100 Chinese soldiers were killed’  in the 15th June clash .
Jianli has pulled up the Chinese government for  hiding this information from the Chinese people. 
“President Xi Jinping is worried that if the information regarding the soldiers, killed in the Galwan valley, is disclosed the serving, as well as the retired soldiers, can revolt. Not only this but even there can be a rebellion, even from within the communist party,” Jianli told mediapersons in a rare encounter.

He claimed he had this from ‘Chinese and not Ametican sources.’ 

Disgruntled retired and serving Chinese Army cadres, who are hurt by the treatment meted out by the government, can launch an “armed” anti-regime action against Xi Jinping’s government, he said.

In an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Jianli Yang, the founder and president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China, wrote that Beijing fears that the admitting that it had lost troops, that too more in number than its opponent, could lead to major domestic unrest that can even put the regime of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in trouble.

“The PLA has long been a key pillar of the CCP’s power. If the sentiments of the serving PLA cadres are hurt and they get together with the millions of disgruntled veterans (which may be facilitated by those within the PLA who are already unhappy with Xi — and there are thousands of them, such as those who were hurt by Xi’s move to separate PLA from commercial activities), they could form a formidable force capable of challenging Xi’s leadership,” he writes.

“Significantly, the CCP leadership cannot afford to undermine the veterans’ potential to launch a collective and armed anti-regime action. Hence, the continuing incidence of veterans’ protests, despite significant coercive pressure and bureaucratic measures, is a source of intense anxiety for Xi Jinping and the CCP leadership,” he adds.

While most Indian media, dependent on the ‘sanitised version’ of military PR system, focussed on the early evening clashes that led to 23 Indian deaths and 18/20 Chinese deaths ( after the Punjab, Mahars and Arty soldiers rushed to back the surprised 16th Bihar) , Easternlink reported massive retaliatory attacks 2 Chinese encampments by the ‘Ghataks’ that led to atleast 29 Chinese deaths. 

It also reported of a landslide, possibly caused by an explosion , that buried a Chinese camp, where Indian patrols had last sighted 25 PLA troops around 1730 hours on 15th June.

The Chinese claimed the Indians were responsible for the explosions, but Indians denied the charge and ascribed it to “Hand of God” because that night there was much lightning and thunder .

Some Chinese also fell off the cliff when chased by the fierce Sikhs of the 3rd Punjab ‘ Ghatak” or killer platoons.

Sepoys Gurtej Singh and ‘Amritdhari’ Surinder Singh killed 12 and 10 Chinese each, striking terror in the hearts of the Chinese who now avoid contact with the tall and burly Sikhs .

Having provoked the Chinese by ‘take back Aksai Chin’ remarks , the Modi government then chickened out after the intrusions and despite brave talk meant for public consumption pushed local commanders to pursue military diplomacy rather than aggressive area domination.

” This is ridiculous. You loose wars when your war aims are confused.i  hope Delhi does 3D at political and diplomatic levels and allow the army to do its job,” said Maj-Gen Gaganjit Singh, former Mountain Division commander and deputy chief of DIA.The killing of Col Babu changed the scene as revenge hungry Indian troops went on the rampage , somewhat haphazardly in the initial stages and then through concerted planning by 14Corps Commander Lt Gen Harinder Singh.

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  1. Vasudeva says


  2. gui says

    Soon soon, I guess next time you’ll lie and kill 1,000 PLA men.

    Don’t you think it’s childish?

  3. AM says

    There’s also an interview with Yang Jianli with supplementary details at Washington Post, titled “Retired and Hurt PLA veterans could become a force against the Chinese Communist Party regime” by “Jianli Yang” on 29 June 2020. It mentions that communist controlled China “reels under the fear that the admittance that it had lost troops, that too more in number than its opponent” could cause internal unrest in veterans and army personnel, potentially threatening the CCP’s power in China.

    I’m grateful that in India we are told of our dead and can look at their faces in their pictures, remember them, and always honour their great sacrifice in our hearts, made moreover in the face of such brutality as they experienced. Yet what other than brutality was to be expected from communists, whose despicable methods are no different than those of their ally the Islamist Republic of Pakistan as in Kargill. Barbarians are all alike.

    As since long before, my eternal and deepest gratitude and profound respect to all my Indian soldiers, surviving and deceased, and your ongoing efforts to defend our sacred motherland from the invaders, that we may yet again remain free of another global plague, communism. Without your self-sacrificing service for the nation, India would have eventually been suffering the same pitiable fate that China has been suffering from since last century (among the latest being CCP’s lies and suppression concealing the far larger number of COVID-19 casualties in Wuhan, where surviving family can’t even openly complain about their bereavement without being made to ‘disappear’).

    The numbers are not unrealistic.

    As for childishness, why don’t you dare ask your Xi Jinping whether his recent threat to massacre our Indian soldiers (and he said that it would be in numbers far greater than ever before), all because India wasn’t submitting to his will, wasn’t childish and downright disgusting? If you noticed, none of the Indian soldiers or Indian government has bragged, but kept downplaying everything. Our Indian soldiers withstood the evil communist army’s barbaric brutality, with several thankfully surviving. And a number on the communist side got paid for their villainy, entirely deservedly for the vile means they planned and used in the no-bullets treaty setting.

    If your nation’s villainous leader, who ought to embarrass you for his utter inhumanity and vileness, had had the upper hand in the clash, you know he’d have gone on about the numbers. You know that because of the threat he made about how he was going to massacre a great many of my country’s soldiers.

    Warriors don’t brag and don’t threaten, they show their mettle on the battlefield.

    Do not threaten revenge with your “soon, soon” and “next time”, unless you’re a soldier in the battle and willing to die, instead of sacrificing your countrymen as pawns for your oneupmanship. Even though you have no respect for your enemy, you can respect your own soldiers at least: they have parents and families who will miss them, don’t be so callous with their lives. Communism’s lust for war and blood, for which CCP just considers Chinese citizens and communism’s brainwashed soldiers to be “useful idiots” and cannon fodder, will only bring you and others like my people misery. Don’t drag us into your bloodlust, unless you want mothers and wives in your country crying too. Do you enjoy that? When your side is the invader, and they don’t do well, just accept that they deserved it. You’re free to honour your dead, though they will remain vile to me for how they behaved, but did your government even tell you who they were?

    If Indian soldiers invaded your country, brutalised your soldiers but then got beaten back, would you think they deserved it? Or would you think that if I then threatened “soon, soon, next time” it was anything but childish and pathologically sociopathic in an adult? What’s WRONG with you?

    PRC has instigated war against India many times, we have every right to be told the situation, whatever it is. We’ve always been told it when we lost land and lost more men than the PRC. So why not if it is the other way around?

    Journalists have every right to publish numbers, if cleared, because they indicate the strength and capabilities of the invader, and how much of it was Xi Jinping’s posturing and sacrificing his men as pawns as if they were dust to him. You however ought to recognise that CCP’s soldiers’ worth and that of their parents are less than nothing to Xi when he doesn’t even name them or release their numbers. We honour the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers, and had we lost more than your PRC army, the respect for our fallen would be no different. Instead of threatening Indians, why don’t you ask Xi Jinping to publicly name and honour all the dead? Even I wouldn’t begrudge your people doing that, brutal barbarians though the soldiers chose to be. (But do ask Xi Jinping to tell the truth and whole truth and nothing but the truth as to what they did. And then decide how respectable they still are for you.)

    The CCP doesn’t even value its soldiers or citizens. What are your soldiers going to be dying or despicably brutalising others for, but the paycheck to support their unfortunate parents? And with the number of countries that hate and want to destroy the PRC, I can guarantee that one of us, if not all of us, will get the job done. Do you like your country being hated? It would be better for Chinese people to first work to dismantle communism in China yourself. Other populations need not be dragged into the communist trainwreck, and your people would finally be themselves again, returned to their 5000 your old identity (Chinese) instead of the 70 year old imported identity from Europe (communists).

    As much as the CCP thinks you’re life is just in service of its own ends, did you even know or care to find out that India donated so much masks and other stuffs out of concern and sympathy for Chinese people when the virus was still mainly affecting China? I read through reddit threads where Chinese persons, desperate from scarcity and your CCP’s selfish negligence, asked Indians to please send masks and safety equipment. Indians said that the Indian government had already donated them what was available and provided other support. Contrast with how your government officials were filmed taking scarce N95 masks for themselves when they went to meet with gatherings of frontline doctors early on and the doctors and nurses had substandard masks and were dying from communist callousness. My government cared more about your people’s welfare than your damned government. These were equipment India could have greatly used for itself, but even after so many wars and invasions PRC has instigated against India, India has always so far wrongly kept assuming there’s a brotherhood between your people and mine whatever the evil ideology governing your nation. And your people’s suffering mattered to many Indians which is why corporations’ products were donation to your nation. In its turn, the CCP, having caused this damned plague in my nation, charged Indians for useless faulty testing kits and conveniently ran our economy to the ground. Not content at high-handedness and bragging about its once magnanimity in supposedly helping the world, which it still hasn’t, your demon dictator’s mouthpieces are now lecturing Indians and the Indian govt (who were far kinder and more concerned about your people than your own damn communist government will EVER be to you) that we should worry more about our poverty and the increased spread of the disease killing our poor, and so just roll over and let your dishonourable army take lands past the LAC, poised to invade and steal more yet again in future. As you’ve done in Nepal.

    Are you not ASHAMED at your government’s backstabbing nature? Do you support it, do you condone? How can you even live with yourself if you do? (And now recall Xi Jinping’s threat to mass-murder our soldiers more than ever before.) Will you at least be silent if you don’t even feel gratitude.

    And when my current government is like that in its concern and character for Chinese people, despite all the crap PRC pulled for decades, you may imagine what my nation’s soldiers are trained to be like. And now you can contemplate in silence how the brainwashed CCP army’s soldiers compare in terms of character and humanity, if you’ve even bothered to find out what they did. (They do not compare.) Indian soldiers even give honourable death rites for Islamist Republic of Pakistan soldiers, though the latter in return always mutilated our dead just like your army did. Communism and certain particular religions are no different. Indian soldiers are used to getting terrible crap from barbarians, it never seems to phase them. They serve and sacrifice for the greater good of protecting our nation, its ethos and the people still embodying this. If you support barbarism, by all means keep towing the communist line and supporting the PRC’s unwelcome army to invade once more. If you value better qualities in humanity, and don’t want your army to be brainwashed zombies who go into battle prepared to dishonour their own humanity, why don’t you do something about the communism that has eaten away and rotted your 5000 year old culture leaving it unrecognisable and bringing shame on your current generations?

    As for why everyone else too is fed up and even threatening death and violence to PRC’s army, CCP’s invasions all over Asia and land theft are universally recognised and experienced:

    Nepalese Hindus, labouring under their own communist CCP-proxy regime, have had their land likewise invaded and some parts even taken over by CCP at the end of last month. Knowing this, if you value the truth, you will admit that it is Nepalese land stolen by China and that to hold on to it makes you yourself a thief by extension. CCP’s made a new map with these parts of Hindu Nepal now included as part of PRC. Hereafter future generations of Chinese will be brainwashed to believe these parts of forever-Hindu Nepal were always part of China instead, just as has happened with other regions and nations annexed by China. The CCP has lied to Chinese people about what parts of PRC are legitimately part of China and which parts were stolen by CCP, with generations brainwashed into thinking these places were their own country’s. You don’t know any objective facts, only the facts that the CCP fed you. Did you know that India did not have any border with China until Mao invaded Tibet and stole it as part of China? All PRC border “disputes” with India are entirely CCP claims on Indian soil, combined with CCP redrawing its maps of the PRC over decades to brainwash generations of your people into believing there’s anything legitimately Chinese here. Do you approve of theft of that nature? What if it was you on the receiving end, if you were an Indian and not Chinese? Your government does not tell you many truths, and substitutes many lies for them, but you need not assume everyone has a need to lie. India’s wars have been defensive wars (not counting being dragged into WWI and WWII as a colony) to protect our homeland, and before that, internal wars to expel foreign tyrants which other nations like Iran have never yet succeeded expelling. We haven’t even made wars to retake our historical territories.

    The communist stooges of the CCP that are now in power in Nepal even launched Chinese-instigated demands on Indian soil, before they realised that China was confiscating chunks of their own lands in the meantime. Nepal’s Maoist-Marxist government even used very PRC-dictated accusations like “Indiavirus” when it’s the CCPVirus if it is to be called anything. Now virologist Birgen Sorensen and his colleagues have joined earlier virologists of 2 papers whose results show the SARS-CoV-2 to be engineered with gain-of-function (see, “The most logical explanation is it comes from a laboratory”, 2 July 2020). With CCP’s mocking sermonising to India following their invasion and barbarism, full of communism’s fake concern about my people and loaded with ulterior motives, to drop the LAC to look after our growing COVID-19 afflicted, it makes it seem rather like the answer to the remaining question of whether the engineered virus was deliberately released from a lab or accidentally escaped is the first option. If you were Indian, and this is the sequence of events CCP subjected your nation to, what would you conclude? And how would you take Xi Jinping disgusting sermons at a time when his communists were attempting to invade India? (Though it’s not like the CCP has treated your own people any better, whether under Mao or since to this day.)

    For news sources on still-dishonourable CCP’s theft of Hindu Nepalese land, refer to Indian and Pakistani reports including the news article in Pakistan’s DailyTimes dated 24 June 2020, titled “China occupies Nepal village, land; deafening silence from Oli govt”.

    CCP’s own ally, the Islamist Republic of Pakistan’s sudden interest in the plight of the Hindu nation of Nepal may appear surprising at first. But it’s because Pakistan is a victim of increased CCP landgrab too. As retweeted by journalist Tarek Fateh, even a Pakistani mullah is now teaching his followers to start telling CCP to stop landgrabbing in Pakistan, despite the country being CCP’s alleged ally. More Pakistanis have been noticing and protesting the same. They’re also decrying CCP’s violent abuse of their people, such as posting videos of CCP engineers brutally beating Pakistani drivers for minor theft. The video can be seen in a tweet by KharalRemy under hashtags CCPVirus and Pakistan & China friendship, to illustrate the parasitic “friendship” the communist nation is fostering with its ideological equivalent Islamic Republic.

    There was also the 2019 ABCnews article documenting Pakistanis being powerless about the largescale kidnapping, sexual abuse and rape of Pakistani women by CCP men (cases of 629 women documented at the time of publication). Are you not ashamed that THIS is what even your allies get to see of your nation’s character, rather than the non-communist side? Soon to be oppressed in full force like the Uighurs, Pakistan is already being treated as an extension to the New Frontier/Xinjiang province by the CCP, despite the land not being officially wholly taken over yet. The Islamist Republic’s sufferings don’t move me particularly, however, since they continue to do the same and much worse to adherents of the native Indian religions there, in India and in Bangladesh, and in much greater numbers. But for Pakistan’s benefit, I can admit that I believe them, since this is all quite in line with CCP behaviour in their territories. For example, there are distressing image captures of CCP’s police sexually abusing Hong Kong’s female protesters, about which I feel great anger and sorrow. Do you feel anger about that at least? Or are you in denial about what’s been happening in Hong Kong, or do you think they deserve whatever they get for wanting communism to leave them be?

    Next, Iranians are quite organised on twitter in demanding that the CCP get out of their land. Refer to twitter hashtag ChinaGetOutOfIran. Another hashtag has expletives about your land. Don’t you think it’s sad that despite a 5000 year old culture, thanks to communism, this is the impression CCP gives of your country and countrymen to the outside world? There is quite an angry movement brewing in Iran: they say they’re ready and willing to kill the PRC army and bring down the CCP. Maybe you want to ask them why they’re being “childish” and see if that improves their opinion of your country, the way your questions and threats here, after your army’s viciously premeditated brutality on good men defending their homeland from foreign tyrants, has done nothing to improve my opinion of the vile communism that brought this misfortune on us and your people.

    Absolutely everyone in Asia seems to want the CCP removed, whether it’s the significantly Taoist or Buddhist or Shinto Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Mongolia and Southeast Asian nations (some of which have a history of single-handedly defeating China), or Islamic nations like Turkestan, Iran and Pakistan. Or the nations of India and Nepal. The countries not consumed in full by CCP all know who’s been invading whom. African nations have likewise been recognising their cruel exploitation by CCP, they’re unlikely to stand for it long, they’re not to be underestimated. Then there’s the European and American nations and Australia, whose dislike and distrust of the CCP/PRC are not concealed either. (It comes as no surprise that the UK’s House of Lords wants Huawei out of their 5G.)

    Here I’ll note that I am grateful for and will remember France’s solidarity when her defence minister recently offered my country and its soldiers the support of France’s armed forces against the PRC should India need it. It is no mere gesture, as France was willing for this to turn into WWIII and get embroiled in it for the sake of India. I have no doubt the defence minister meant it, and I feel immense gratitude to France for the sincerity and magnitude of the offer.

    No one wants communism in the world, we all want the CCP/PRC and its satellite governments and movements gone. Then, devoid of communism and its need to consume others, both China and Chinese are a very welcome presence in Asia. Excepting other dangerous movements like communism from taking over, we may all live in peace. There is no living with communism though, it will always be trying to devour its own and then others.

    As a communist country, CCP suffers from Covert Narcissism and creates the same psychosis in its brainwashed: that everyone is conspiring to stifle PRC’s greatness or that CCP is actually in truth some positive force in the world and that we’re all ungrateful or aggressive or lesser and deserving of CCP’s brutality and plunder. The truth experienced by all is the reverse: the real conspiracy is CCP’s against its own people, because it spies, controls, intimidates, tortures and disappears its own. It demands absolute obedience and rewards this with negligence and neglect, or punitive action upon complaint. CCP inculcates a fear in the brainwashed that only CCP loves you, however abusive it is to you, so that you’re best off with CCP and that all others hate Chinese people. (That’s patently not true considering even the example of India’s mask and other donation during the Wuhan outbreak.) And it’s the CCP that is stifling the other nations, besides suppressing the true, non-communist, identity of China. It is the CCP that is aggressive, brutal, downright inhumane to its own and others, while the CCP (not just Xi Jinping) is making the PRC forever friendless and forever detested by all. Communism/the CCP has alienated other nations from China, when China without communism is an effortlessly attractive nation with many already popular aspects to its ancient culture, quite generally admired. With communism gone, your country will not be a superpower, absolute power corrupts anyway, but yours will be a prosperous and first world nation, like for instance South Korea or Japan. Autonomous, contented, secure. (Assuming you don’t saddle yourself with regions of missionary religions or let them have an unbridled run, as they will choose to run your nation to the ground or betray it if they aren’t allowed to have their way to take it over in entirety). And there will be harmony and no fear, because in China’s case you will have a large army to protect yourself from any invaders, a fact which would already deter others. This is why the rest of the world finds Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong attractive and can respect them, but not CCP ruled PRC. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other non-communist Han Chinese are the view most of us have as to what all Han Chinese would be like without the stranglehold of the CCP.

    What CCP most fears is that its people will realise that it can be replaced. Some Hong Kong protestors have tweeted a flag for a Republic of China that they wish to belong to, with other Chinese people within a nation, as long as communism is forever kicked out.

    Have you ever asked yourself: Communism murdered your 5000 year old culture, so why are you loyal to the less than 100 year old communist identity that has gripped your nation and not its 5000 year old identity that communism wiped out in cultural revolutions? What’s even attractive about communism? The absolute tyranny? Communism is a European disease that Asians die from and which destroys Asian cultures. What has it got to do with you at all, how can you stand to put up with it? Why don’t you plan and fight for China’s actual identity? Other countrymen of yours are risking their lives for it, though many more are just dissidents in private to avoid communism orchestrating their or their family’s “disappearance” for non-compliance, who may grow bold with leadership. But if you do identify with the Chinese identity rather than the communist identity, you would at least cease your unfitting moral support for a communist army that invades and terrorises others. We don’t deserve that crap and Indian soldiers don’t deserve that barbaric treatment. There’s something seriously wrong about the PRC army’s soldiers being willing to die stealing others’ lands but unwilling to restore their own land to its proper nature and character by removing the communism. India had independence movement after independence movement where our warriors worked towards restoring and rebuilding our true identity, liberated from destructive foreign forces, it’s why many of us survived with our real identities intact for millennia. If we can do it, Chinese people can too. But it takes self-sacrifice. Maybe you and others would think of spending your life more meaningfully, with an eye on bequeathing a more worthy China to future generations. Maybe some of your people can redirect China’s soldiers, who are already willing to sacrifice themselves in war (though for worthless nothings), for aims and ideals that are valuable like restoring Chinese culture, instead of goals and values that are misdirected and perverted. Chinese people shouldn’t have to bear with communism still, turning into a frozen, stunted authoritarian police state similar to but at a different level from North Korea, bent on dominating Asia and forcing everyone else into the same misery.

  4. gui says

    Wow, you wrote a lot, but you know nothing about China. All the China in your mind comes from your media reports, and as you probably know, that’s shit.

    Xi Jinping didn’t say a word about India, it was made up by your media. As a Chinese, I know the speech of our President from the Indian mouth.

    Xi jinping’s task of fighting floods in the country’s Yangtze River basin is a much higher priority than threatening Indians.

    Because the Communist Party is the political power that serves the people, this is written into the Party constitution.

    By 2020, China will realize the great goal of lifting the country out of poverty. This is not only a task given by the Communist Party of China, but also a promise made to the people of the whole country.
    In this process, 76 poverty alleviation cadres have sacrificed their lives.
    I am a post-80s generation. Since I was born, I have felt the economic development of my motherland. Through my hard work, I have also got 2 houses and cars. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, I traveled abroad with my family every year. This is not my excellence. All my friends around me have similar experiences and wealth. It is what a good government should do to obtain remuneration through labor, improve the life of family members, be free from discrimination, insult and exploitation by the government. The Chinese Government is such a government and the Chinese Communist Party is such. You will say that I have been brainwashed, so if a government gives you a decent job with a monthly income of 100,000 rupees, a week’s work and 15 days of paid vacation a year, would you like such brainwashed?
    Our police don’t even have sticks to hit people, nor will they masturbate on the women who reported the case. Do you think this is Communist tyranny? Wake up. We are not interested in Indian territory. Have we occupied it to help the poor? We have just eradicated poverty in the whole country in 2020. Do we have to help 1 billion Indians out of poverty? There are 800 million of you who need government food relief. Help you fix the toilet? Your natural resources are scarce, the people’s labor efficiency is low, the illiteracy rate is extremely high, and religion interferes in their lives. What’s the use of occupying such land? You need to occupy China’s territory, because New Delhi is too close to the border, and you need to strengthen New Delhi’s defense radius. New Delhi is less than 400 kilometers away from the Sino-Indian border. In the coverage area of our long-range rockets (with a range of 400 kilometers), the cost of long-range rockets is extremely low, which is no money for the PLA. Even because high altitude areas attack parabolas in low altitude areas, we can attack your southern New Delhi with rockets at the border. And you have no way to defend against the overwhelming number of long-range rocket attacks. In this border conflict, we did not have any dead, only people were injured, so we did not publish the list, not even photos. This is common sense. We did not report casualties, just to avoid Modi’s embarrassment. We even know that this conflict was a major general of yours who took bribes from the Americans and expelled his troops to attack the People’s Liberation Army. The conflict was not authorized by Modi. The evidence is that we killed a major and captured one colonel and two major. What kind of strength does the Indian army have to prepare so many officers? The capture of so many officers means that at least 200 Indian soldiers followed them. Seventeen Indian soldiers, their comrades abandoned them, and 17 froze to death on the plateau. Ironically, the Indian soldiers captured by the People’s Liberation Army were treated humanely and saved their lives. We released Indian prisoners twice, 35 for the first time and 10 for the second time. If the PLA did not take great risks to find and treat them, but saw the Indians go back to sleep after fleeing, you would freeze to death 45 +17 and 62. This is the truth. On 615, you said that 3 Indian troops died, but 5 PLA troops were killed. The next day, you found 20 dead. You also said that 43 PLA troops were killed and no one was missing. We released 62 prisoners twice. According to the law, you should release 124 Chinese soldiers, but your military only said that you had released Chinese prisoners and did not even have photos.
    Four school officials, with 200 Indian soldiers, attacked construction sites in Chinese territory, seriously injuring two construction personnel and escaping under the attack of the reinforced PLA. 45 were captured, 17 froze to death and 100 + were injured. In the end, the military acted without government authorization. If the government authorizes, then why does Modi say that the PLA has not crossed the border? Wake up. China has no territorial claim to India, even if the Indian army does not pose any threat to the PLA. The Indian army roared like a teddy dog all day long at China’s leaking teeth. China did not respond to this. The PLA’s opponent is the United States. The Chinese people are friendly to the Indian people. When your travelers come to China, they are all greeted with smiles from us Chinese. No one begs from him. No driver deceives him and earns high fees. If they are women, they will not be looked at by all men. You can see these videos on YouTubo. Don’t be fooled by your media, especially your military media, learn to think independently.

  5. gui says

    During the outbreak of the epidemic in China, Xi Jinping was wearing a disposable medical mask. I have photos here. This broken website cannot be released. I am in Chongqing, bordering Hubei Province where Wuhan is located, and we have also experienced the closure of the city. Foreign media reports are all based on their vicious imagination and speculation. The closure of Chongqing began at the end of the traditional Spring Festival holiday. We didn’t have to go to work, because I earned a lot of money for different jobs. However, restaurants and cinemas were hit hard. Most employees’ wages began to decrease in February and only received basic wages in March, which was about 20,000 to 30,000 rupees. Our family can get out of the closed community every 3 days and go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. The vegetable market is in sufficient supply, but the price has increased by 10% to 15%. Water and electricity are fully supplied 24 hours a day, the price has not changed, there are no private cars on the streets, and the air quality is very good. If the company requires employees to go to work, they must provide masks. Although our company did not go to work, it also distributed masks and disinfected alcohol. Masks cannot be bought on Taobao, and they will be shipped one after another in March. The state controls the production and circulation of masks. I didn’t start working until March 15. I have never enjoyed such a long vacation since I graduated from college. However, the Western media said that our closure of cities violated human rights. In our view, this is a joke. Look at America, Brazil. Strict city closure is the only way to control the virus. To tell the truth, we find it very ironic to see that other countries have not closed their cities and caused the epidemic to get out of control. Clearly we have set an excellent example, but you mock us and say that we ignore human rights. The virus proves who is stupid and who is brave. The virus does not speak politics. On January 31, India’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced a ban on the export of masks. The 100,000 masks previously purchased by Chinese capital in India were also banned. On February 5, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a speech and copied Hua Chunying’s announcement at a regular press conference of the 21 countries that received the first batch of aid: South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Hungary, Belarus, Turkey, Iran, UAE, Algeria, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, etc. China’s friendly neighbors and global friends also joined in assisting China. For example, the governments and non-governmental organizations of Russia, Cambodia, Vatican, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros and other countries have all offered assistance to China. There is no Indian name on it.

  6. gui says

    During the epidemic, India launched an attack on the Chinese network and detained Chinese cargo ships bound for Pakistan. This is what the Indian government did during the epidemic.

  7. gui says

    In July 2019, the US Army’s Top Secret Infectious Disease Medical Institute in Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA was closed. In October 2019, the United States organized the 201-Global Epidemic Exercise with the participation of the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In the Military Games to be held in Wuhan in October 2019, the United States was only ranked 35th in the medal tally, and 3 American soldiers went to Wuhan Jinshuitan Hospital for vomiting. In November 2019, China discovered unidentified pneumonia In February 2020, an epidemic broke out in the world. In March 2020, a large number of English news reports about the closure of Fort Detrick were deleted, and the search showed “404 not found”. On June 23, 2020, a 24-year-old Argentine man was arrested for trying to force his way into and hit the Chinese Embassy in Argentina. According to the Argentine Foreign Ministry, the young man claimed to have news about Novel Coronavirus and asked to see the Chinese ambassador. He could not see it and started driving into the embassy. “My name is Gast ó n Sanda, and I know the truth about Novel Coronavirus. I know that the CIA is behind it. I need the help of the Chinese ambassador. Please forward and spread it.” On July 7, it was reported that the British media recently reported the latest research by experts from Oxford University: Novel Coronavirus does not originate from China, but is dormant all over the world and activated when certain conditions are met. Can you think independently? Can you see anything in the middle? If I spread rumors, how does the Oxford University report explain it?

  8. gui says

    Can you see the above news in your democratic world? Whoever’s media is a liar, who is an autocratic regime, and who blinds the people’s eyes will come out as soon as the comparison is made.

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