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Chinese Citizen Journalist Faces Trial For Wuhan Videos


During the lockdown in Wuhan, China, Zhang Zhan posted videos, like one of hospital hallways lined with patients hooked up to oxygen tanks or of a community health center for testing.
She abruptly stopped posting in May, and the police later revealed that she had been arrested, accused of spreading lies. 
She will go to court on Monday , in the first known trial of a chronicler of China’s coronavirus crisis.
Ms. Zhang, a 37-year-old former lawyer, embodied the Chinese people’s hunger for unfiltered information about the epidemic. 
Three other citizen journalists have disappeared from Wuhan.
Bigger picture: Ms. Zhang’s prosecution is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s campaign to recast China’s handling of the outbreak as a succession of wise, triumphant moves by the government.
Watch: In one of her final videos before her arrest, she filmed the shuttered shops in Wuhan, before being confronted by a man who asked her where she lived and whether she was a journalist.

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