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Chinese Plans For Karachi


LONDON: Pakistan Army and Pak spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence with the support of China are planning to declare Karachi a federal territory to usurp its resources, Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain said. “Pakistan Army and ISI along with China have completed its nefarious design to declare Karachi a federal territory to usurp its resources,” a statement quoted Hussain as saying. 

Hussain remarks come in response after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that he has asked the Army to assist the authorities in cleaning up in the aftermath of the rain in Karachi.

“According to the nefarious design, under the guise of the task of cleaning the city, Karachi is being handed over to the Army,” Hussain said.

He said that federal ministers of PTI government are making open statements in the favour of “nefarious” design of Army to take Karachi in the control of Islamabad.

“Rather than to give more autonomy, rights and power to Karachi, Imran Khan-led government are trying to take into federal control of this megacity, is strongly condemnable,” the MQM leader said.

Altaf Hussain called people to come forward to foil this conspiracy of Army and Pakistan government.

Courtesy – TimesofIndia

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