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Civil Society Issues Recommendations To Strengthen The ICC


Despite the problems and challenges that led to the current Review of the
International Criminal Court (ICC), many civil society representatives continue to express
strong support for a just, fair and effective ICC, said the World Federalist Movement/Institute
for Global Policy (WFM/IGP) today, launching its new report Review of the International
Criminal Court: Views and Recommendations from Civil Society.

The report documents the views and recommendations of 90 representatives of civil society
organizations covering 43 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean,
Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa regarding current initiatives to
strengthen the performance of the ICC. It also includes their initial reactions to the recent
report by the ICC Independent Expert Review recommending significant reforms to the

“Many civil society representatives whom we consulted support the ICC but also recognize
that urgent reforms are required to ensure that the Court makes an effective contribution to
justice in their regions and around the world.”

The report sets out their assessments of the ICC’s preliminary examinations, investigations,
cases, outreach, victim participation, reparations and the Trust Fund for Victims as well as
their recommendations on where reforms are required to strengthen the Court’s

Many of the recommendations of the civil society representatives are in line with the recent
recommendations of the Independent Experts. However, they also expressed concern that
the Experts did not propose an increase in the Court’s resources and that some of Experts’
recommendations instead sought to limit and delay investigations and reduce the scope of
ICC cases.

“The views and recommendations set out in the report are a call from civil society
representatives around the world, many of whom are on the front line in the fight against
impunity, for the ICC to improve its performance and for States Parties to provide the Court
with the support it needs to advance that goal,” said Manivannan.

WFM/IGP urges the ICC and States Parties to the Rome Statute to fully consider civil
society’s views and recommendations in this report and their other submissions in deciding
which reforms to take forward. WFM/IGP further calls on the ICC and States Parties to keep
civil society fully informed and involved in the process of adopting and implementing key
The full Review of the International Criminal Court: Civil Society Views and
Recommendations report can be accessed here.
Key Facts and Background about the ICC Review Process
 In December 2019, the Assembly of States Parties launched an ICC Review process
aimed at strengthening the Court and improving its performance.

 A group of Independent Experts was appointed to review a number of aspects of the
ICC’s work and report to the Assembly.

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