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COVID-19: Man bleeds, Nature heals


Every cloud has a silver lining. Thousands of people across the globe started doubting this proverb as the death count due to COVID 19 kept on rising for the past few weeks. With no vaccines or possible cure on the horizon, mankind wears a tense look. Major cities around the world have gone into lock down mode. All public transportation facilities have been stopped for good. Shops selling non essential supplies have been shut down. Even offices under the private sector have closed indefinitely. Social distancing has now become the law of the land. But man is a social animal. Indeed, the Universe has a sarcastic sense of humour!
                It turns out that people hate staying indoors. Yet fearing fatal consequences, they are unwillingly quarantining themselves for at least 14 days. For the first time in many years, the main roads are devoid of cars, buses and trucks. The madness of Mondays and the joy of Fridays have blended into one confounding melancholy. Our planet now solely belongs to those creatures that we have mercilessly hunted down, pushing them towards the verge of extinction or ruthlessly tortured because they had dared to interfere with our daily chores. It seems now that the California and the Australian wildfires were important wakeup calls that we had chosen to ignore. Bandaging our fragile egos and setting aside the over entitlement so inherent to mankind, we have now locked ourselves inside a makeshift haven consuming daily doses of toxic technology.
               Meanwhile earth rejoices with the chirping of different varieties of birds, clear waters of Venice and roadside animals with no restrictions on movement. The hot water from industrial plants which used to eventually get mixed with the river damaging aquatic life has come to a standstill. The skies are clear and the air is fresh. Pollution levels have gone down drastically. The poison that the exhaust of vehicles used to pump into the lungs of our earth has dissolved overnight. Thick clouds of smoke which used to come out from the brick kilns polluting the air have stopped momentarily. The difference in the quality of air pre and post lockdown is very distinct.  Our earth is recovering from the generations of abuse that we, her children, have so generously given her.  Mother Nature is reclaiming control.
 People are trying to adapt to the situation by trying to find joy in the methods of bygone days. Our priorities are being realigned. Bored with watching content on streaming platforms, people are actually finding time doing the fun things that they used to do before technology became a curse. Every evening, families are organizing home jalsas where they sing or dance according to their skill set. Children are playing hide and seek inside their houses. Teenage boys and girls are showing an interest in cooking and sewing as they have nothing to do, now that their board exams are on hold. Home work outs have become a huge hit.
 We are communicating more. Not only are we voicing our states of mind but also becoming receptive to the needs and wants of our family members. Our life styles have slowed down significantly. The offices which worked on three to four shifts have given their employees leave and advised them to work from home. Our very existence is at stake. The last couple of weeks have put our lives in perspective. The mad race for fame, glamour, money and glory has finally come to an end. The chaos which has been breeding inside us owing to this rat race, is slowly being replaced by calm and quite. We are finally dealing with our emotions rather than brushing it under the rags. We are reflecting and contemplating. Perhaps, it is nature’s way of telling us to enjoy the sound of silence.
Given the fact that the corona virus adversely affects people will low immunity, I think that it is high time we understand the importance of exercise. Rather than giving way too much importance to academics, we must impress upon our students the benefits of yoga. The secret to the well-being of our mind, body and soul is balance. As is evident, nature favours balance too. It is balance that we should seek as possessing fancy houses and cars clubbed with a fractured health will only fuel anxiety and aid in hampering peace.
           As a silent killer lurks in the dark and continues to claim lives, man feels increasingly hopeless. With the world practically shut down, man questions, “Will we ever get to see better days?”  But it is the law of nature that everything that began, must come to an end. And this will too. But the cost which mankind has to pay is huge. Yet we must not lose heart. “We shall overcome someday!”

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  1. Priyanka says

    Amazing❤….Some vivid truth conveyed in a beautiful way❤….Covid-19(vaccine) is keeping humans(the actual ‘virus’) in check☺.Heal mother earth🌎….you needed this break….

  2. Anurita Halder says

    This is beautiful.

  3. Arundhati Karmakar says

    You are so correct, Smita!!! <3 absolutely amazing. Its a time of international crisis, but it is also a matter to rejoice that Mother Nature is healing. Let this blessing be truly understood and accepted by mankind even after the pandemic goes down. Lets pray for everyone!

  4. Nilanjana says

  5. Joydip sinha says

    Thank you so much for penning this down..So apt and so timely..yet very very true..hope we will look back on ourselves after these days are gone..and be better children of “THE MOTHER”

  6. Debkumar Banerjee says

    Very nice 👍 to read. So many messages you put here to save the mother nature. Please continue your writings. Wish your great success.


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