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Cuba leads in global medical diplomacy


 Cuba has formed 14 medical brigades in seven days to combat the new coronavirus, a fact that has no precedents in the country’s history.

Marcia Cobas, Vice Minister of Public Health for Collaboration, International Relations and Information, said so this Friday, referring to the work of Cuban health professionals who are abroad right now.

The country has the highest rate of doctors in the world – nine per thousand inhabitants – and that has allowed requests to be met.

Cobas explained that the first brigade that left did so towards Venezuela, and since the current pandemic spread to other countries, the Cuban government has received requests that have been analyzed taking into account the country’s resources and rigorous analysis to not affect the Cuban people.

Materials and treatments have also been sent, and it was planned to train not only the collaborators of the Greater Antilles, but also diplomats and workers of the institutions where medical personnel work.

Forming brigades in seven days requires a lot of effort by many institutions in the country and the Vice Minister thanked the support of the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, as well as the professionals of the IPK, who certify each worker who leaves to fight against COVID-19.

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