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Cuba’s medical internationalism


Free healthcare as a universal human right was a key tenet of the 1959 Cuban Revolution and laid the foundations of its medical internationalism .

The idea and practice of sending medical teams to support other nations.

Cuba developed its public healthcare system, focusing on primary care and prevention, and built an international outreach programme which Yaffe says was based on solidarity and offered free of charge until the early 2000s.

After Hugo Chavez came to power in Venezuela, Cuba started sending medical staff and educators to help his Bolivarian revolution.

In return, Havana started purchasing Venezuelan oil at below-market prices. Some 30,000 Cuban medical workers were sent in the first 10 years of the “Oil for Doctors” programme.”. She snapped fingers at Trump & Bojo.saying that the Cubans “don’t have this problem that Boris Johnson has and that Trump has, which is that the public healthcare response interferes with private interest and the process of profit-making.”.

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  1. S K Dutta says

    An eye opener.Cuba kept it’s Public health care system free for all Cubans, keeping interest groups n profits away! Remarkable.
    Someone rightly appreciated it’s affordable Medicare for all.After the Covid19 pandemic, health care everywhere should follow the Cuban model.

  2. S K Dutta says

    An educative revelation .A model of public health care system worth developing in developing countries;Cuba has shown the way.
    Outside Cuba,the problem of healthcare lies in its interface with Corporate greed.Will be difficult to break this chain of profiteering ,Cubans have stolen the show of Medicare as an aminity.

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