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Custody Death Of Bangladeshi Triggers Uproar In Assam


Civil rights activists who had protested against the arrest of 26 Bangladeshi citizens by Dhubri police officials in Assam on May 20, 2020, now allege that one of them, Bakul Mian  has died  already under mysterious circumstances. 
They had written to the National Human  Rights Commission authorities in Delhi   about their  arrest  and especially the long confinement that local officials ordered.  Says Mr. Kiriti Roy, Secretary of  prominent rights  group MASUM : All those arrested have valid passports and requisite VISA documents  which they duly secured before they  visited India. While returning, they had to report at  Changrabandha  on the Indo-Bangladesh border .   But despite their best  efforts, they failed to reach on time  because of  problems they faced during the post Covid lockdown period. ” 
Mr. Roy has just written to the  NHRS again, after receiving a  complaint  from Mr. Tanveer Rasul, Assistant High Commissisoner, Bangladesh High Commission. Reporting the sudden death of  the late Mian, son of Omar Sarkar of Bangladesh  apparently in police custody to the NHRC, Mr Roy alleged that it seemed to be a clear case of custodial death.
 He called for an immediate inquiry into the incident by a Judicial Magistrate as  by law prescribed, under the provisions of sec 176/1/A, of the CrPC.     

In his  second letter, Mr. Roy mentions the apparently casual attitude of the Police Superintendent of Dhubri district, who told him over the phone that Mr. Mian’s death had occurred owing to a heart attack in a hospital, not in police custody. 
Curiously, the  SP also gave Mr. Roy the phone number of another  official, suggesting that the latter should be contacted after some time, not immediately.   This naturally fuelled further speculation regdring the cause and the nature of Mr, Mian’s death. It is common knowledge that usually Assam-based  police officials  and other authority  take a harder line towards  visiting Bangladeshis  , at times resulting on harassment and tensions.   There was no official comment from the Assam administration on the matter, which will certainly have a diplomatic fallout, said officials.

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