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Dangerous blueprint


The RSS–BJP blueprint to exploit the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak on India is to increase the power of religion and it’s leaders on people who are afraid and vulnerable. 
The recommendation to use heads of religious fraternities as communication channels up to the Thana level is outrageous, irresponsible and a diabolical exercise in spreading disinformation on the one hand and increasing the power of ill informed persons who in many instances are dangerously poorly educated. 
It is the job of the government to inform the citizen . Modi cannot duck that responsibility. If citizens do not trust the information put out by the government or do not have confidence in what the government does to support and help people in distress, that is Modi’s political crisis. 
The political crisis of credibility in  Modi’s leadership cannot be bolstered by endorsements issued by dubious religious heads. 
The job of government is the job of government. Decentralising the responsibility of messaging requires Modi to invite state governments, political leaders down to the Panchayat level to amplify the message.
These are elected representatives of the State. It is their responsibility. 
What the hell do dubious religious heads have to do with running a government? Or this some grotesque version of Ram Rajya?
Unbloody believably evil.

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