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Defying Beijing, Thousands In Hong Kong Hold Tiananmen Vigil


Within hours of a new law making mocking of China’s national anthem a crime, tens of thousands of  residents of Hongkong city gathered to commemorate the victims of China’s 1989 crackdown , despite a police ban. 
Chanting slogans like “Liberate Hong Kong,” thousands of people flouted a police ban on Thursday and gathered to recall the Tiananmen Square massacre.
This was the most striking display of defiance against Beijing’s tightening grip on the territory after a new law making mocking Chinese national anthem a crime.
“We have a responsibility to remember and to grieve,” said Clara Tam, 51, who took part in a vigil for the victims of the Chinese military’s brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters on June 4, 1989. 
“We have to let survivors know that we have not forgotten the children and loved ones they had lost.”
The public displays of anger and grief took on greater meaning this year amid a push by China to impose broad new security measures that take direct aim at the semiautonomous territory’s antigovernment demonstrations.
 In what critics see as the government’s latest attempt to curb dissent, Hong Kong on Thursday passed a law making it a crime to mock China’s national anthem.
China alleges a ‘foreign hand’ behind the Hongkong protests but pro-democracy activists rubbish the charge.
” I am here on the streets to protest China’s evil intentions of doing away with our autonomy , not because Trump told me to do this. I am in solidarity with those protesting Trump’s fascism in US,” said protester and college student Emily Chan.
Chan told Easterlink that 2020 is looking like 1968 when anti establishment protests rocked the West from France to US.
“Now the protests against repressive authority is truly global, from Hongkong to Minneapolis the voice of the oppressed against the Big State is spilling on to the streets. The virus has brought us together, either we have compassionate governments or we dont have them at all. Down with  Xi and Trump, down with their types,” said the Hongkong protest leader.

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